Pang Fengshan what is the law of the singer

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has been recently on legal issues, the conflict between people and again pushed the cusp of potential. No matter is determined to care about results, is still occasionally dictates, some time ago, Liaoning popular city residents near affairs lack sound disappeared, and is now a more than 30 wandering singer farce.

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said the ten thousand times, the law is understandable, the fight is not wrong. To hit the round is not hit,Sexy Lingerie Jacobs Skirt, that is, the door can not be involved in the intervention can not say, said the beating on the beat it. More than 30 weiou several wandering singer, how the law quality, shows what kind of legal abstraction? hublot mp 05 ferrari,< p > in law, no norm and law enforcement official according to honest to do is, and why is sell beat it? If it is hit to handle problems, country, why should formulate laws and regulations? Indirect implementation can, history later proved that, use physical reality of, that is owe Heng,hublot mp 05 ferrari, otherwise the Emperor’s children will still is today in the management.

hublot mp 05 ferrari< p > Administrative Law is not a law, law is not, the foundation shall not adopt the extreme approach, that would only work make big well, in the end to end and is social formation bad influence, that is not out of, the master is difficult to understand.

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is the country a few times back to build a harmonious society, the implementation of the law of civilization today, we are very difficult to see the shadow of civilization, just the opposite, so that we see the opposite is another extreme behavior. Such as the law, the transaction is not happening all over the country. Why is there such a phenomenon, just because of the amount of the individual is not only for fear of not only, for fear that there is no deeper reason is.

hublot mp 05 ferrari< p > singer every chased brawl in addition to some part of the pros and cons and personal law is a lack of, our level of management, to lower the legal management and training are in place?? the legal team wind strict management and zero reason?? on their legal behavior and actions had considerable examination? hublot mp 05 ferrari,

is still that sentence,sexy short shirts, we understand the law of the players can not be difficult, but do not accept you to implement the law, because only for the use of, but not for the group of

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