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: (Beijing), Beijing, Shanghai and gulls (SEA-GULL) (Shanghai), King TIANWANG, Rossini ROSSINI,
women nightwear, EBOHR EBOHR, Fiyta FIYTA < br / > the main domestic brands.



"seagulls" brand watches since 1955 has been born 50 years of development history, 50 years of history as a "sea of seagulls" watch the manufacturing has laid a solid technical foundation, has now become the research and development of the watch movement. Assemble Sales in one of the watches production base.

"sea" brand watches were rated as "China famous brand" products, "China’s well-known trademarks". Tianjin Watch Group Co., Ltd., in the same industry in the country took the lead through the O9001:2000 I.IS quality management system certification. And has a strict management,sleeping dress, high quality, excellent business sales team, the "sea" brand watches marketing in the country. More information about the watch watch watch watch watch.

Beijing watch (BEIJING)



Beijing watch factory was founded in June 1958, is located in Beijing’s back garden – Changping. In half a century, Beijing watch factory infiltration of the culture of the ancient capital, Renjiedeling Muze, exploring the art of watchmaking, challenge the limit of technology,
silk sleepwear, forming a "humanism, cooperation, truth-seeking, innovative" enterprise culture.

North table history has made brilliant achievements in the history of China’s watches have an important position of the "unified movement" watch from the north,sleeping dress, is the industry’s production and marketing scale and social impact are important key enterprises.


North in the main production machinery automatic watch function and movement.

Shanghai watch (SHANGHAI)



Shanghai watch factory was established in 1955, is China’s largest watch factory, cumulative production of Shanghai player expression of 1.2 million, taxes of Lida 52 billion yuan. Has been approved by the State Council as the first batch of mechanical and electrical products export base enterprise, by the State Economic Commission and destiny is a large enterprise.

the new century, a new starting point. To recast its former glory, according to the spirit of Shanghai Watch Co., Ltd. Shanghai Bell new [2000]060 document, enterprises do a good job in upgrading of products at the same time, timely conversion mechanism, and to Shanghai new century watch Co., Ltd. as the name of the enterprise to to new ideas, new products, new mechanism, in the new century, the pursuit of new development,

Shanghai brand watches are eighty years of the last century, one of the famous brands, in the thirty years since the founding of the country, has been a symbol of identity.