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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Japan before defense policy is mainly directed against Russia, to prevent the Russo Japanese war together, Russia from the North Sea as a breakthrough strike

Japan’s defense strategy

< p > Japan before defense policy is mainly aimed at Russia, to prevent the Russo Japanese war together, Russia from the North Sea as a breakthrough strike. Today, Japan believes that China’s threat has been far more than Russia, and the threat is mainly from the sea and air, in order to strengthen the army’s mobility. The new defense outline proposed the abolition of the tank, the development of the Navy and the air force strategy. From the motor force to enhance the transition from conservative defense active defense.

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China into a hypothetical enemy

  & nbsp; & nbsp; Japan fear, think China one day will start in Japan, so the list China as the imaginary enemy, Japanese national of any country have sense of trust, they think that any person may have posed a threat to them. The rising of China is to feel like Japan, adjacent strong in the side makes Japan’s paranoia is diseased, which to a large extent is Japan because of its island mentality and give birth to a sense of crisis.


    it is worth mentioning that the new defense outline for the attitude of the Diaoyu Islands has a new change, will strengthen the Diaoyu Islands patrol. On the 10 day of this month, the two members of Japan without authorization on the Diaoyu Islands, the move may be a kind of "new defense outline" action support.

  & nbsp; & nbsp; the two countries have potential with the fire, almost irreparable, facing a series of changes in Japan’s "new national defense program outline", China will react.,
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    in December 9th, Japan’s new defense outline scheme introduced, compared with the old defense outline, the new outline is mainly aimed at china. For example, the modification of the islands of the Southwest Center for defense, the defense strategy as a whole is from the original basic defense transformation for dynamic defense. Japan’s attitude to China, but also from close attention to alert monitoring. Japan’s "new defense outline," the introduction of meaning is self-evident.