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satin nightgown, mountain climbing, rowing and other outdoor sports enthusiasts, professional outdoor equipment is to ensure the safety of, a professional wrist is provided by nature are also

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< p > for love skiing, mountain climbing, rowing and other outdoor sports enthusiasts, professional outdoor equipment is to ensure the safety of, the wrist of a professional equipment is indispensable. "The wolf" is one of the founders of Tongji University Cycling Association, is a senior outdoor watches internationally, a collection of Casio, SUUNTO outdoor sports watch, 110 watch Casio pretrek is his favorite. "This watch with backlighting, thermometer, digital compass, altimeter a number of display function, I in the outdoor sports provides a lot of help." For Beijing, Shanghai and other urban white-collar workers, outdoor watch is also a symbol of a fashionable lifestyle, wearing a cool outdoor watches in office building is not in the minority.

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"keen on skiing, mountain climbing and other outdoor activities selection with thermometer, pressure gauge,Bustiers Corset, altimeter and other functions of outdoor watches is necessary,Sexy lingerie Nightgowns Sleepshirts Satin, it can be more detailed data to provide environment in you are in motion. Such as our last from Shanghai ride to Hangzhou, the road of heavy rain, but because of the watch is a reminder of the pressure, temperature, help us to predict the weather changes, which for the entire ride plan very favourable. Big wolf told reporters.

with the use of more and more high-tech element, outdoor watches has not only a piece of table, is more like a high-tech instruments. World renowned GPS navigation equipment manufacturer Garmin company launched a new GPS hand table, the watch in addition to have GPS navigation, but also has the function of detecting the user’s heart rate and heat consumption, the total weight of only 60 grams. The watch also supports external other outdoor equipment, such as sensors of bicycle speed monitoring, a sense of science and technology.

"generally speaking, compared with an ordinary watch, outdoor watches in addition to waterproof, shockproof, anti shock, anti friction and gas >