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        in May 15th, in the city of Seoul in a shooting venue for shooting, Lee Minho has a picture of the bath. In the process of shooting, Lee Minho is also the perfect body has never been shown to the show to everyone, slender body with no

May 15th,sexy Sleepshirts, in the city of Seoul in a shooting venue for shooting, Lee Minho has a picture of the bath. In the filming process, Lee Min Ho is also its previously has not displayed the perfect body presents to everyone, slim and impeccable muscles exquisite collocation, the entire upper body showing a reverse triangular shape. Also looming in the middle of the drops of water and foam Lee Min Ho back scar seems to tells the story of the man behind, the look more charming.

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City Hunter Lee Minho bath as a perfect body the screaming [map] 2011-6-14 Korea City Hunter 5, South Korea City Hunter 5 "City Hunter" is the first set in May 25th, in the play, Lee Minho played MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), a doctoral program is currently South Korea’s National Geographic communication network among the works of Li Yunsheng, in order to fully to show the protagonist image to have a super ability in all aspects,rolex watches, as the "City Hunter" perfect, Lee Minho before the official shooting also deliberately carried out aerobics and swimming to enhance their own strength and learn shooting, Philippines combat martial arts skills, and actress Pu Minying, Lee Guangzhu,, et al. Dedicated to the Judo etc., show the blood side. And Lee Minho’s body is also a result of further exercise, feeling more sensitive than in the past, full of wild charm. Charismatic male curve will also help Lee Minho to give full play to the handsome male side.

sleep tops< p > this drama is adapted from the famous Japanese cartoonist Tsukasa Hojo in 1983 began to launch pop cartoon of the same name of the original. The Korean version of "City Hunter" will be the stage from the comic book the 80s of last century Tokyo moved to 2011 years of Seoul,
longines watches, about, played by Lee Min Ho City Hunter to accept a variety of commissioned and help others solve the trouble of the story. This is the first time the work has been TV drama. In addition to Pu Minying, Lee Minho, Li Junhe, Gu Ha Ra, who also joined the drama. Korean drama "City Hunter" will be at 9:55 in the evening of three and Thursday in the middle of the SBS.

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