Lie to me 8 set drama hung big change play Yin return girl next door

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Sohu Korean entertainment news may the 2 weeks of drama for the love watching Korean dramas,
Top Sale Watches, but not an actor fan audience, chaos because the file too much drama, because too many good drama broadcast simultaneously, in the limited time, how to look at to you want to see the play

Sohu in South Korea in May second weeks of drama for love to watch the drama, but not the audience of an actor fan, the basic into chaos…… Because too much drama on the file, because too many good drama play at the same time, in the limited time, to see how they want to see the drama completely at a loss! This week’s drama list will help you better to understand the new drama, to assist you in Korean fans to find their appetite for new drama. 2011 years 5 months the 2 week drama list 1. The best love "MBC2. can you hear my heart?" MBC3. "49,," SBS HD online. The new prostitution students biography "SBS HD online." I try "SBS HD online. The smile, the East China Sea" KBS7. "partner" MBC8. "romantic town" KBS9. the male nanny "TNS10." Tammy "KBS Baby Doll Sexy Lingerie Plus Size,< p > lie to me try 8 episodes of the drama: Hongshi changed opera "" Yin regression girl next door, "best love" remind once Korean variety show fans nostalgic mood Baby Doll Sexy Lingerie Plus Size,< p > actors have their own performance style, the writer will naturally have created his own style, has been Hongshi sisters as a representative writer of drama comedy screenwriter, it has a distinctive creation line. Funny and sensational with spoof and narrative parallel, from love to her with the Zhen, never change. But this is a double-edged sword,Replica watches for sale, not only to establish the Hongshi works distinctive style, also let their works gradually lack of surprise and novelty. So in the "best love" before, once let people worry that it would like commom;cynical like Hongshi the previous works? However, such concerns in the "best love" after the hilarious sound gradually make people forget.

Baby Doll Sexy Lingerie Plus Size< p > and previous Hongshi works, the hero and the heroine always compared in Toronto to sprout true love, the in the "best love", actor Dugu really in the fourth episode had a clear direction of love, although his arrogant personality, will probably not accept themselves for the star and subsistence idol with love and Jane love, but all sorts of as has begun to childish favoring the other side. Such a plot, contrary to all the audience’s expectations.

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< p > lie to me try hot set 8 and Hongshi in the script writing, intends to have a distinctive style of Korean variety show had moved to plays, especially in three or four years ago has been unpopular temporary pairing program "love letter", "X-man" and other classic scene,
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