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What is simple love? In my opinion, simple love is just like a diamond ring. It has simple outside but luxury inside and it deserves to be cherished. Simple love is just like a good book lying quietly at the head of your bed. It can touch your heart deeply when you read it and the more you read the deeper you love it. Simple love is an old bell which warns you once for a while to cherish what you have owned. Simple love is simple and relaxing,, natural and soothing, quiet and lasting.

When you are tired, sick or hurt,Beach Cover Ups Skirts, you know deeply that you are still a lucky dog. Because you know that there is always one place for you to heal your illness or your soul. Yeah, simple love lies in your mild heart deeply. You may don’t realize it sometimes but it will come out whenever you have problems. Yeah, it is the charm of simple love. Simple love may not bring you fiery-red roses but it can give you a surefooted happy feeling.

Simple love will last long or forever. And you can sense simple love everywhere. She brings you a cup of tea for you when you are reading. You walk quietly when she is sleeping. She cooks your favorite meals and you earn money for breads. Simple love is a simple, harmonious and pleasant feeling. A simple glance, kiss or hug says everything. No suspicion, no complaints and no quarrels.

Simple love is so beautiful and good. You know who you are and what exactly you need. You don’t have to change for love. If you happen to have simple love, cherish it! Simple love will bring you with happy life. Just enjoy what simple love gives you and you know you should never miss any part of the simple love.

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