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Rolex doesn’t grab the headlines for its innovations. Houses like Patek Philippe and Jaeger LeCoultre have their histories replete with examples of ingenious horological breakthroughs and clever, highly complicated innovations. Rolex seemingly sails under the radar in this area. However, having given this some thought, it occurs to me that understanding the true nature of Rolex is at the heart of its innovation persona. Rolex is not about complications. It is not about novelties and quirky functions. Rolex is about fairly ruthless reliability. If one owns a Rolex, one expects it to be totally dependable and for it to fulfill its functionality in the toughest of environments. Reliability. Integrity. Robustness. These are all words that spring to mind when I think Rolex. What jumps to my mind when I think of Rattrapante Perpetual Calendar? Certainly not Rolex. However, what springs to my mind when I think of exploring, diving, travelling……. Uhm….Explorer 1, Submariner, GMT. Rolex is the watch that Indiana Jones would have not just worn, but would have needed. OK, maybe I am a touch biased, but to my mind, Rolex invented the Adventurer’s Watch.


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