Pirates 4 Cannes premiere, very disappointed, 3D into chicken ribs, laughing point, no more than 10

        upcoming Pirates of the world Pirates of the Caribbean 4 yesterday at the Cannes Film Festival held a grand premiere. The great hope of "Captain Jack" suddenly became serious in this play, and there were no more than 10 laughs in the film, and the 3D technology, as a bright spot, was also evaluated

, the upcoming Pirates of the world, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, held a grand premiere at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday. Were high hopes for the "Captain Jack" in the drama suddenly becomes serious, the whole movie bursting point of not more than 10, and as the highlight of 3D technology, which is also regarded as chicken ribs, many viewers even said: "in fact, just wear 3D glasses to see subtitles."


pirates 4 Cannes premiere was disappointed, 3D into chicken ribs, laughing point no more than 10 2011-6-1 Pirates of the Caribbean 4 subtitles group, story: Depp and not call www.thesalewatches.com

"Pirates of the Caribbean 4" is the story of captain Jack, because his old lover — Penelope · Ke Luzi, and boarded the queen Anna’s revenge for the fountain of the story. Though the two opponents play no calls, but because Penelope to join, to suppress the play of Depp, that captain Jack became serious, the most intuitive result is that the premiere fans laugh less than 10 times, more reporters at the scene to sleep. In the press conference, late for nearly 20 minutes, when Johnny · Depp walked into the press center booed. Foreign reporters said: "I did not expect this movie so bad, wasted Johnny talent."."


Pirates of the Caribbean 4 subtitle group effects: 3D effect is just a gimmick, www.thesalewatches.com,

director rob ·, Marshall has said that the 3D effect will make the audience completely immersed in captain Jack’s world, and he also stressed the word "world". To cope with this effect, the filmmakers specially chose to view the beautiful rainforest and other sites. But more embarrassing is that the film 3D effect is not obvious, no more shocking battle scenes, only white hat battle to bay Mermaid left the impression that many viewers said wearing glasses more to see subtitles. www.thesalewatches.com

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actually, even Pirates of the Caribbean, for me, will have to move 20 thousand trucks, 800 people