Pirates 4 games full premiere drama procrastination sleepy _ for Galle

        the reporter learned that, as early as in the "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" released a week ago, the country has set off to grab votes and agitation, Hushang many theaters early from several days ago began to sell zero tickets in advance. Last night at 9:30, there were more than two hours left from the start of the zero field,

reporter learned that, as early as "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" released a week ago, all over the country has set off a wave of votes, and many theaters in Shanghai has also started selling a few days ago zero booking. Last night, 9:30, from the "zero field" opening more than two hours,http://www.fashionwatchtime.com, the movie ticket has been "a ticket hard to find."". Shanghai Wanda cinema Wujiaochang store Chen Yawen manager told reporters, the theater arranged a total of 3 games "zero field", in which the IMAX3D version of the ticket two days before it has been sold out, double 3D version, regular 3D version are also full. Peace Cinema Manager Wang Bozheng revealed that the theater only IMAX3D version of "zero" ticket was sold out soon. www.thesalewatches.com

pirates 4 "premiere field full of drama procrastination sleepy _ for pirates of the Caribbean 4 subtitles, subtitles for pirates of the Caribbean 4 although the fans expect, but after it was found that the content of the film into the cinema did not imagine so wonderful. Although the new captain Jack is still the "old face" Johnson · Depp, and "Spanish wild rose" Penelope · Cruz joined in Jack’s old lover Angelica, but because the movie is too slow, thrilling battle scenes are a lot less, many viewers are disappointed. Some people even as sleepy in the seat and dozed off. In addition,www.watchgetluxury.com, before the 3D effect is really not a whoop and a holler "awesome",www.watchessalebest.com, wearing 3D glasses instead of screen darkens, affecting the viewing effect.


however, for the majority of fans, the "zero field" is the biggest surprise than the film finally appeared "eggs."". Although nearly a day to "Thor", "speed and 5" two introduction released in the mainland when the "egg" neat, but many viewers still unwilling to wait for the foot end up to 8 minutes of subtitles broadcast finished, finally really to the "egg": the end of the film Jack Angelica alone. Lost in a desert island. But part of the Easter egg shows that Angelica picked up Jack’s little cloth on the shore of a desert island. The little cloth man was made by the villain, black beard. Before the film had shown "black beard" with small cloth person Fang Jack deeply uncomfortable plot, so now small cloth people fell to Angelica hands, it seems that Jack can’t abandon her and go. Trainee reporter Lin Lisha www.thesalewatches.com