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(Seamaster) 2806.77.40 watch

< p > red pearl dial Fritillaria with red leather strap, from the color in the hearts of the Chinese people was stained with a festive atmosphere, especially suitable for in the new year and happy day wear. Watch movement is equipped with cal.2201 manually on the chain movement, power reserve time can reach 53 hours, that every 2 Heaven a chain can ensure that watch the precise operation. Dial watch reached a stunning 49 mm, for it’s diameter is not an ordinary person can manage,, hope that the majority of friends according to his wrist really well consider.

-lecoultre (Reverso) q278856J watch

< p > said Jaeger LeCoultre we now first thought is Jijia reversal series of watches,
Replica watches, but the master series wrist watch also heady. This watch is exhibited at the 2012 Geneva Watch Fair new watch, watch the appearance design is still using the classic square reverse design,
cartier watches, the biggest difference is the dial color uses very little red dial. Equipped with a watch movement Jijia the latest 822 manual chain movement,, movement control the thickness of 2.94 mm, is a rare ultra-thin movement.

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PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint


Aqua Terra GMT in series dual time zone watch

< p > The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra GMT dual time zone watch with 43 mm 18K red gold watchcase, match with the same material chain. Watch equipped with GMT pointer, can show two places at the same time, the excellent function is very suitable for people often travelling across time zones. Gray dial decorated with Aqua Terra’s iconic "teak concept" vertical texture. 6 when the location has a calendar window. Through the crystal clear sapphire surface, OMEGA 8615 coaxial core operation clearly visible.

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint

fashion watches!OMEGA

Ladymatic watch

< p > The Omega ladymatic bijou with stainless steel case, match with the same material chain,, elegant unique shades of gray dial glamorous,, 11 diamond hour markers dotted the, add more fascinating charm, 3 position is provided with a calendar window. Luxury table circle "snowflake inlay" genuine diamond block paving technique. And inside the watch movement is the same impression profound: the ladymatic bijou equipped with silicon gossamer Omega 8520 coaxial movement.

Lenovo M320 G455A

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Lenovo notebook 3000G455AM320 to black as the main color, dark surface and shiny black palm rest combination, form a wild style; the 14 inch led backlit screen, 30 million high photosensitive webcam,, high touch keyboard and SmartAudio sound system: playing games< p > Lenovo notebook 3000G455AM320 to black as the main color, dark surface and shiny black palm rest combination, form a wild style; the 14 inch led backlit screen, 30 million high photosensitive webcam, high touch keyboard and SmartAudio sound system, playing games, watching movies can start wide range (phantom sound), virtual surround stereo (3DImmersion), enjoy the shock effect; by reducing noise and echo cancellation,, let the network call real clear.


Swatch watches official Lenovo G455AM320 processor model AMD Athlon IIM320 motherboard chipset AMDRS880M standard memory capacity 1GB hard disk 250GB type design CD-ROM CD-ROM built-in description support DVDSuperMulti dual layer graphics chip ATIMobilityRadeonHD4550 memory 512MB memory type DDRIII screen size 14 inches screen resolution 1366× 768 backlight LED backlight technology; notebook weight 2300G size 345× 235× 26.2-35.9mm wireless the card supports 802.11b/g wireless protocol card description 100Mbps card pointing device touch keyboard description Lenovo high touch notebook keyboard USB interface 3× USB2.0 card reader 5 1 card reader (SD, MMC, MS, MSpro, XD) VGA other video output interface RJ45 (network interface), output interface, microphone input interface power interface, battery type lithium battery 6 core operating system DOS performance integrated 300000 pixel camera tourbillon4uwatch

promotional information: first offer, online before 100 buyers can get a value of 740 yuan Swatch watches a (black, brown, randomly sent)



tourbillon4uwatch< p > as the first by 3A platform models,, Lenovo 3000G455AM320 notebook price low, and has a good configuration: machine comes with 3A platform brings the stunning graphics and effects, this notebook with excellent entertainment function. 3999 yuan price is also suitable for the students and the limited budget for the purchase of friends. tourbillon4uwatch >

Swatch brand story

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Mr.NicolasG.Hayek (Nicholas & middot; G· Mr Hayek) students in 1928, is one of the founders of Swatch Group (headquartered in Biel), chairman of the current Swatch Group. 1985, Mr. Hayek in the Asuag and SSIH for more than four years after the reorganization< p > Mr.NicolasG.Hayek (Nicholas & middot; G· Mr Hayek) born in 1928 and is one of the founders of Swatch Group (headquartered in Biel), chairman of the current Swatch Group. 1985, Mr. Hayek in the Asuag and SSIH for more than four years after the restructuring, and ultimately led to the merger of two companies to set up the Swatch group. At the same time, he also work together a group of investors to become the controlling party of Swatch group. 1986, Mr. Hayek became chairman and CEO of Swatch group. Swatch group is the world’s largest watch group.


in twentieth Century at the end of the 70’s, the watch industry into an unprecedented crisis. At that time, the production of watches and clocks in the global market,, the proportion has dropped from 43% to 15%. The revival of watchmaking has become a challenging task for the crunch time. In 1978,, the world was born when the thinnest wrist, Japanese electronic table to mechanical watch launched a strong impact, which again to watchmaking issued grim challenge.


< p > use plastic to make the watch should be easy on the chain and set the movement must be from the plastic watchcase side is provided with a movement. In addition, the plastic table of men’s clothing, women’s table should also use the same base. After numerous improvements, Swatch Group tabulation artisans use 51 parts instead of the usually constitute wrist watch at least 91 parts. In the end, the plastic table become possible.

tourbillon4uwatch< p > in order to sell a Swatch watch. They made a surprising move,, a huge Swatch watches, 500 feet long, hanging in the German Commercial Bank headquarters building, showing as follows brief information: "swatch 60 Deutsche mark. German commercial bank is the tallest building in Frankfurt. The move instantly caused a sensation, the German press for Swatch free to do a lot of advertising. In the next two weeks, every German knows Swatch. Swatch also broke the traditional concept of "no good". Swatch prices although only $40 to $100 range, but it has a table of high quality: light weight, waterproof and shockproof, analog electronics, strap is a variety of colors of plastic belt, a variety of colors are very bright, very suitable for sports.>

How many dating sites 3S lady was mistress! Tudor watches over

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; a few days ago on the Internet seen a post, the effect is now some dating website "latent" many small three, they through the Internet dating to find their true love, so as to get rid of "small three" the embarrassment of identity, the article also there is no lack of the three small praise and supportThese dating some < p > a few days ago on the Internet read a post, the effect is now dating site "latent" many small three, they through the network to find their true love, so as to get rid of the "small three" the embarrassment of identity, the article also lack the third praise and support, and today I want to write a phenomenon, is my recent years pile "bizarre" affair case reflected, and the "hidden" in the dating site mistress love and different is that my case in the third, they are in the dating website or active or passive, or consciously, or unconsciously, by the "3S lady" into the "small three".


dating site how many 3S lady "was" mistress! How much money a Tudor watches, Guangdong occupation school female teacher Yan Min and her husband married a pair of children to their families for nearly 20 years, around a lot of friends envy, so she never thought, is just a normal national day last year after the couple quarrel, husband from an excuse to move away from home, and gone for ever, but also let her think impassability, never mentioned "divorce" two word husband should be in this year Valentine’s day suddenly home and told her: "we get a divorce, we have no love", not from Yan Min, stop crying, and later moved to parents, relatives, friends when lobbyists, are unable to persuade them to go back, until one day, she received a claim to the harp girl call: "Yan sister, I am sorry, I am your husband’s child, we want to get married, please let him go, and we achieve it". Take this phone, Yan Min completely collapse, call her husband again, just get "I do have people, she has my child, I also ask you to let me go".

tourbillon4uwatch< p > two days later, the husband’s appointment, Yan Min in Guangzhou along the Yangtze River,, a coffee shop saw the phone "Chin", and know the they do early in a year ago by domestic a dating site know, at that time the husband specially marked their identity is: divorced without children,, also flaunt himself in Guangzhou has a lot of scale factory (in fact,, their factory also dozens of people, or that processing of Foundry), especially his animal is a horse, this is precisely the harp Zodiac dog special match. They saw the two sides "white-collar life, until the national day last year that Yan Min husband and wife quarrel, it will strengthen the idea they will get married. And for Yan Min husband’s marital problems, harp had doubts, but later her husband honest confession, harp did not oppose the instead: "OK, I can wait, for love I can all" and so on.


smell this, Yan Min from the situation, the whole

Tianjin evening news (July 2, 2010

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; on the week of July 2, 2010 fifth lunar May 21 exergy today recommended Jewelry & gt; Hunan Inspection and flood prevention & gt; China opposes US-ROK in military exercises in the Yellow Sea & gt; Tianjin will achieve health insurance interprovincial connection & gt; Macy’s sudden illness of fear can not play & gt; Belikin mouth praise Brazil win & gt; CNOOC intends to negotiation BP oil

Friday July 2, 2010 lunar May 21st luxury-free-store


+ luxury-free-store recommended today

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inspects Hunan flood control work

> China opposes US-ROK military exercises in the Yellow Sea


> Tianjin medical insurance will realize the connection of luxury-free-store


; Messi’s sudden illness can not play


>,; Bailey and Kwame Brazil win luxury-free-store


> CNOOC intends to purchase oil and gas assets luxury-free-store


; Pakistan explosion: 200 people were killed or injured by



Baidu Gaoying case marine female nude



Xunqiang TEDA foreign aid to shake


The first luxury-free-store

Xialv reunionThe weather forecast of luxury-free-store


tomorrow: cloudy, 34 /24 OC, southwest 3-4.




– with your interpretation of market regulation Tianjin ten


recently, Tianjin introduced the regulation of the real estate market, Tianjin ten new deal, from land supply, housing supply, affordable housing supply, and regulate the real estate market. At the same time, the implementation of a more stringent differential housing credit policy, and further strengthen the real estate market regulation, investment speculative buying demand.



The world watches sounded the assembly about Chinese major suit Market

        the Spring Festival has just passed, many people love the table will usher in the March Basel watch show. This is known as the "Oscar" of the "luxury" of the jewelry exhibition will be held in March 18th. After the fall of the financial crisis, the Basel Watch Fair is growing as more and more Chinese

Spring Festival has just passed, many love table will usher in the March Basel watch show. This is known as the "Oscar" of the "luxury" of the jewelry exhibition will be held in March 18th. After the financial crisis led to the decline, the Basel Watch Fair because more and more people in China’s fashion concerns and recovery. More than 10 watches China responsible person also said, now the Basel exhibition table has become well-known brands of watches and clocks close to or affect the best chance to the Chinese market.


Basel watch China


after the depression, not all the clocks and watches enterprises have passed,, but the Basel table show a clear recovery." Tissot official told reporters.


last year by the impact of the global financial crisis, the Basel table show exhibitors, exhibition scale compared with the previous year have shrunk dramatically, accused of the popularity of the decline, exquisite still". This year the exhibition organizing committee in advance for more than four months and on the official website with English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Italian words invite global watch and jewelry exhibitors gathered in Basel, to meet the global clock event. Reporters from the disclosure of the relevant information of the organizing committee to understand, this year is expected to more than 2000 from watches, jewelry, precious stones and related industries of the exhibitors to showcase their innovations and products in Basel, Omega, Tudor, radar, Blancpain, Tissot, Longines, Swarovski, the high grade brand watches will take their 2010 new debut 2010 Basel Watch Fair. It is expected to have more than 100000 visitors from 100 countries came to Basel, the latest trends in the global watch and jewelry industry and the latest creative design. Reporters learned that there are already a number of domestic watches and clocks suppliers to participate in the exhibition this year, Basel. Some exhibition company is also ready to provide the service to the exhibitors.

luxury-free-store< p > count table of a responsible person said: "now the Basel Watch Fair, seems to no longer just Europeans event past most of the time, what we see is more watchmakers, Antwerp diamond dealers,
Cartier watches, French and Italian luxury operators and American buyers. Now, every group and camp there are more and more Chinese people face, many local watchmaker also think, if who can seize the Chinese buyers, who ten years food do not have to worry about. And did not do so, it seems that only the more deep."


although some absolute,, but reflect a

Shanghai watch the official website of the watch more famous and quality

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Shanghai Seagull watch official website of China made watches are famous and good quality have what brand, seagull! Good quality. In explain now made in China exist in various industries,, the watch is no exception, citizen while in China are made in Japan but 30% of processing< p > Shanghai Seagull watch official website of China made watches are famous and good quality of what brand, seagulls. The quality is good. In a description of what is now made in China exist in various industries, the watch is no exception,, citizen while processing are made in Japan but 30% in China (yield),, to mention a seagull its mechanical watches quality and Japanese goods, no quality difference almost. The difference between the watch and the watch is more than the manual. The old Shanghai brand can also not new, there are 8 Shanghai seagull watch website luxury-free-store

0% repair rate

Longines watch China net – Longines watches generally how much money in June 1, 2011

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in 1912, Longines watches sports created a historic moment,, pioneered the use of break principle, to match the beginning and the end of the start and end time device. Longines watch China Longines watch has since become a number of international events designated

1912, Longines watch industry to create a historic moment, – the first to use the principle of breaking the line, the starting point and the starting point of the game


end of the start and termination of the device. Longines watch China Longines watch has since become a number of international events designated timer,


includes many winter and summer games. Longines watches and aviation and maritime history also forged indissoluble bound. For example, Longines watch for flying home even pull

luxury-free-store< p > Longines watches China – Longines watches in general how much money 2011 June 1st (Lindbergh) first person across the Atlantic computational time of flight, Longines watches China network period more in accordance with the design of even pull made hour,


< p > Longines watches in general how much money? Open tick net page, a buy Longines flag series L4.774.4.12.6 table section of the customer message luxury-free-store,

way: Longines this watch concerned for a long time, customer service Hu Ying, very patient, very warm, very thoughtful service, but also very detailed, and finally made a decision


set this. The ticking of the customer service is first-class,, as far as possible to meet customer requirements. After receiving the watch, it is very beautiful, very good,


is also very accurate, authentic licensed, in the Hendry section of strap, are very smooth. Look at the receipt, a tick in the pre delivery quality inspection luxury-free-store

, including error, appearance, etc.. All the details that really do well tick. The ticking of the goods and services that are really like this one." Guest

luxury-free-store< p > Fu said that this is just a lot of buy watches a customer,
IWC Watches, and to buy Omega, the highest amount sold more than 100000 Jijia table.

luxury-free-store< p > tick net to professional services, genuine licensed features,
watch4ufree, operated by the major brands of imported watches sales unpopular, now the average a amount of orders luxury-free-store,

amounted to 4000 yuan, an average of one of the highest order amount of e-commerce industry. Through Baidu

Ladies watch who recommend I want to buy a piece of my watch.

        I would like to buy a piece of lady watches to my girlfriend,, who would recommend a woman watches a piece of grade point! Thank you!!! This version does not support Chinese English translation, if necessary, please buy Premium. You have to look at how much money to spend the first price,
Cartier watches, again around the mall to want to buy a piece of ladies watch gave my girlfriend, who to recommend watches a lady, the grade point of! Thank you!!! This version does not support the Chinese English translation, such as the need,, please buy the fee version of how much you want to spend the price set, then go shopping malls around it