Twenty 4 Patek Philippe watch, show the woman taste (map)

        Twenty 4 Patek Philippe watch, show the woman taste (map) watch brand,Dior Watches, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, watch this series from the sapphire arch Gondolo watchcase, table ring with stepped. Tables are encrusted with diamonds, with smooth stainless steel watch Lian, connecting engraved Calatrava Culler Zhuo Hua star cross folding buckle. The strap of each link to arc design, by minor school, hand type suitable for any size. Especially fine is inlaid with two rows of 18 stars and 1.5 mm in diameter, top Wesselton net drilling (about 0.45 calories). The ultrathin Calibre E.15 is the latest generation of Patek Philippe design quartz movement, quartz and mechanical parts are embedded in the barrel type main machine core plate, and movement within the folder Panchiao and cutting are inscribed on the "Cô tes de Genè VA" pattern, the gold surface carved with floral and Culler Zhuo Hua star cross, covering electronics line version. Like other Patek Philippe mechanical watch, quartz watch each Patek Philippe were allocated numbers unique movement. Twenty~4 series of design material: stainless steel movement: quartz movement function: when Cal. E.15, display dial: bezel,, veliger are inlaid diamonds mirror: sapphire crystal table size: 30 x 25mm waterproof: 30 m Twenty~4® after the launch of the new style series, repeated records also add different table body size for selection. So far, the series from the original steel diamond and 18K rose gold or platinum styles,BELL & ROSS WATCHES, Haute Joaillerie series to amazing. Satin strap with Haute Joaillerie series,cheap canada goose outlet, its unique silk cloth material, soft and comfortable, give valuable watch adds the unspeakable sense and charm, showed strong female taste, case on the two row diamond, make the table body ceremony; design of two stepped side, deepening the micro geometry of arch and the feeling of rectangular case, one of the characteristics of the art deco style.

Autodesk to Athens table to create classic watch design

        recently, the world’s largest and 2D 3D design, engineering and Entertainment Software Company Limited ("Autodesk" or "Autodesk") announced that, due to the adoption of digital prototype Autodesk solutions,Replica Watches, the famous watch maker Athens (UlysseNardin)

recently, the world’s largest and 2D 3D design, engineering and Entertainment Software Company Limited ("Autodesk" or "Autodesk") announced that, due to the adoption of digital prototype Autodesk solutions, the famous watch maker of Athens (UlysseNardin) precision watches the development cycle is shortened by half, each new watches the development cost savings 30000 dollars. Digital prototyping solutions provide the solution from the case design to complete the internal precision parts design scheme for the Athens table, let the table designer test product performance in pre production, optimize the design, the high quality watches at design speed, faster and lower design cost to market. Athens (UlysseNardin) was founded in 1846,Hermès Watches, is one of the world’s precision mechanical watch manufacturers. The watch has become synonymous with elegance,lady watches, quality and innovation. With more than 400 parts of the Athens table structure is extremely complex, among so many mechanical parts into confusion to the design challenge. In the past, such a watch needs four years to develop the company; but in the fierce market competition, companies hope to improve the design efficiency in the premise of high quality.

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Autodesk to Athens table to create classic watch design, solution in the digital prototype using Autodesk provides, the product design cycle Athens table has been cut in half. First of all, using two-dimensional software draw outside member watches designer; AutodeskInventor then use digital prototyping solutions, creating 3D digital model precisely, to determine whether the gears and springs and other parts matching; image using the visualization software AutodeskShowcase to create accurate, vivid. Therefore, designers can not only in the design of early detection and elimination of conflicts, but also optimize the mechanical parts, so that com. and watchband, watchcase and. Without making any kind of table, the design team may choose to use a variety of decorative and strap, try different design styles, and make a clear decision. In fact, in the use of digital prototype of Autodesk, Athens table has been making sample table is reduced from three to one. The company technical manager LoicPellaton said: "the 3D view clearly brings great advantage to us,Dior Watches, AutodeskInventor helps us to quickly and accurately placed parts and to explore a variety of schemes. It greatly accelerates the process of the most complex watch design." The production department in Athens, executive vice president of PierreGygax said: "from the beautiful case to ya >

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When you are tired, sick or hurt, you know deeply that you are still a lucky dog. Because you know that there is always one place for you to heal your illness or your soul. Yeah, simple love lies in your mild heart deeply. You may don’t realize it sometimes but it will come out whenever you have problems. Yeah, it is the charm of simple love. Simple love may not bring you fiery-red roses but it can give you a surefooted happy feeling.

Simple love will last long or forever. And you can sense simple love everywhere. She brings you a cup of tea for you when you are reading. You walk quietly when she is sleeping. She cooks your favorite meals and you earn money for breads. Simple love is a simple, harmonious and pleasant feeling. A simple glance, kiss or hug says everything. No suspicion,Rado Ceramica Watches, no complaints and no quarrels.

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        sub (Cartier SA) is a French manufacturer of watches and jewelry, in 1847 by Louis-Franç OIS Cartier founded Rue Montorgueil No. 31 in Paris. In 1874, the sub · Cartire inherit the management right, by his grandson Louis · Cartire, Cartire’s · card Chinese official website

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Cartire Chinese official website:


            Cartire (Cartier SA) is a French manufacturer of watches and jewelry, in 1847 by the Louis-Fran& ccedil; OIS Cartier founded in Paris Rue Montorgueil 31. In 1874, the sub · Cartire inherit the management right, by his grandson Louis · Cartire, ·, Cartire and the product of peel; · Cartire will be its development into a world famous brand. Now the Swiss Richemont group (Compagnie Financiè re Richemont SA) subsidiary company. 1904 was the pilot Albert · Santos · door designed the world’s first watch worn on the wrist — Cartire Santos watch (Cartier Santos).


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  Santos de Cartier the earliest flight watch for flying in the sky’s thirst for freedom. Louis Cartire (Louis Cartier) of Brazil’s rich friends Santos Dumont (Santos. Dumont) is also a famous pilot. In a Paris party, Dumont to friend Cartire mentioned not in flight.

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real senior watch never give buyers depart anyone penance from the advent of the every go behavior namely exquisite to let folk move So, watch it really reached a measure as money. But at the same time fakes likewise slowly begin with this is never a big mall Article ten cheats in desk to identify the authenticity of a watch, I deem respect desk you ambition help 1 perceive action first tell the true desk prototype plus deed identification namely very versed with,if there is a perspicuous table base counterfeit watch,can one distinguish authenticity. Secondly,to cautiously observe the action of the word, the core word carving explicit plus beautiful,synthetic desk is coarse no beauty Finally,to comprehend the performance of operation such as chain mode handbook alternatively automatic, one-way or two-way),operation period voice etc.two discern behind the name apt discern the base of the desk factory label name usually watches are mark logo,and watch model number identification. Some watch the table at the end of the name will be laser anti-counterfeit three discern the advent of fine place 1st apt carefully observe the watch the advent including the appearance of grinding: grinding technique namely exquisite watch,Vacheron Constantin watches, watch grinding is quite exquisite,and the process of counterfeit watches by inches Font: font full fact desk,false desk is deficiency of confidence. Function: maximum artificial desk among the functions, this namely a breakthrough through false desk Many artificial desk function are furnished (as phase,almanac tourbillon, actually does never have this feature). Pointer: the pointer tin be distinguished from the width thickness,fashion and material plus forgery For example, senior watch often use “blue iron hands”, true table pointer color is full of black blue, produced along the complex process,Patek Philippe Watches,counterfeit watch blue namely brushing up. Disk: disk technology senior watches are commonly accustom enamel surface, guilloche process, metal radiation disk, disk, shells, some watches have their own distinctive technology, such as computer disc Cartier Rolex Gold Silver Carved panels. Diamond plus mosaic: perceive the damascene process, quality plus size of diamond.four discern desk glass general watch glass namely made of sapphire crystal glass, the highest cozy means to distinguish with finger tapping on the glass surface, sound mirror want issue a explicit sapphire desk real.five see digital IDs cautiously watch the found cover plus the appoint of entire the figures relating apt identification,artificial desk namely usually irregular plus even real desk corresponds to the digit of bits namely not Truth table namely each independent numeral six perceive icon imprint imprint, including belt clasp brand brand mark the base of the table desk ears plus gold watch the special pattern and digital discern hiding zone was observed in always the corners,for example the inside belt guide numbered). These are the maximum perplexing apt do artificial statement,namely also the maximum accessible overlooked regional buyers.8 discern the traditional production process namely the traditional process, such as screw grinding molding,Dior Watches, the base of the desk with carved,plus some form of its watch special label factory.9 discern belt senior watch belt at