Tips watch for soiling watch, how should do

        use soft flannelette wipe; double canvas or rubber belt can also follow suit, if it is not waterproof list dirty can use soft bristled toothbrush brush besmirch can; but waterproof list can be watered scrub neutral detergent use. But if the dirt has infiltrated material layer,,

with a soft flannelette; double canvas or rubber belt can also follow suit,         if it is not waterproof list dirty can use soft bristled toothbrush brush besmirch can; but waterproof list can be watered scrub neutral detergent use. But if the dirt has been infiltrated into the material layer,, it can not reuse the chemical cleaning agent for processing, to prevent spoilage. Motorcycle exhaust easily cause fade, gold-plated peeling situation, air dust fall, sweat,, rain, dirt and dirty body will watch, especially the gold-plated part of a watch, if the leather watch, would cause the belt moldy, produce peculiar smell and even broken, so the best in each wear out watch

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Swiss watches Chopin accelerated the pace of expansion

        Swiss watches Chopin accelerated the pace of expansion watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watches increased ability to manufacture group, Chopin recently in Geneva and Fuller Lille bought the new buildings and land. Chopin watches and jewelry company in recent years expanded rapidly, although already has three vertically integrated production base, two in Switzerland, one in Germany, but in order to meet the growing demand, the group decided in Geneva and fleurier infrastructure expansion. It is reported that the group is still in terms of personnel and rapid development, in 2007, creating 100 new jobs for the Swiss,, by the end of 2007, the group has 1650 employees in the world. In Switzerland, there are more than 700 employees in the Meyrin production workshop,, Fleurier has 130 employees,, and this year’s recruitment plan has also been molding. There is no doubt that a lot of investment over the past few years to digest the research and development, production tools integration and vertical will do what is necessary, so Chopin in the last year did not roll out new technology watch important. Like many brands, another area of the brand active is to open new stores, it is reported that the world will soon have to open 100 home Xiao Bangbiao boutique. Other top brand in infrastructure expansion has not yet begun, but the search for shops opened flagship store and many, in addition to the world’s biggest Jaeger Le Coulter flagship store opened in Shanghai, Louis Vuitton brands such as at present are actively preparing for seeking shop shop.

Plum table the all new third generation master series (Figure)

        plum table the all new third generation master series (map) watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch     this is by the brand into the 90 anniversary, TITONI decided to push out the third generation master series wrist chronometers, the classic continue. In addition,, the Masters Series for the first time launch women’s version, do not let a man enjoys a superb tabulation process of switzerland. Master Series Observatory watch continuation of the classic design style sparkling TITONI Switzerland plum table Masters Series Master Series two years ago, second generations of observatory watch popular this year, the introduction of the third generation. The third generation Master Series watch classic fashion design table diameter 40mm, surround texture surface is a sign of Master Series and elegant design. Transparent bottom cover the use of sapphire glass, so that the moment in automatic Tourbillon movement on the elaborately carved and polished "Ctes de Genè ve" Geneva corrugated decoration, the Pantheon sign, Master Series name and TITONI words are carved with a translucent cover all at one glance; and emerald green TITONI logo tab to special and three pin configuration more see manual precision. Each Master Series Observatory watches are equipped by the Swiss official Observatory Chronograph testing organization COSC (Contrle Officiel Suisse des Chronomè tres) certification issued by the movement and the certificate in the certificate, and movement, shell and certification have a corresponding number. Master Series ladies watch, dazzling diamond with pink leather strap, can make the lady echocardiography. In order to highlight the charm of women light series introduced a new element, in mother of pearl dial face large 12 and 6 when the position is studded with sparkling diamonds, with pink leather strap, a dazzling and charming. Master Series ladies watch is elaborately designed for fashionable women, but is a perfect combination of mechanical technology, can fully show the fashion of women a charming light. TITONI since its inception in 1919,, has been founded by the Schluep family owned, insisted that every watch are in the Swiss town of Glincoln (Grenchen) factory assembled, ensure product quality,, but also fully display production TITONI strictly accurate. TIPS 83588 S ST 297 · · automatic movement; anti reflective treatment · mirror table; 100 meters waterproof performance of retail price: RMB 12500 (belt) RMB 12900 (strip) 23588 S ST 331 · automatic movement · table -)

OMEGA OMEGA constellation series of the goddess of the Rainbow Series

        OMEGA OMEGA constellation series of the goddess of the Rainbow series watch brand,, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches,, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch   steel – red gold watchcase and double color steel – golden color bracelet, central decorated with Party A, number: 1394.79.00, movement: Omega 2520, automatic winding movement, plating lawrencium surface, dynamic storage: 42 hours, crystal surface, arc resistant sapphire crystal mirror, inside the anti reflective treatment, watchcase and dial,, 18K red gold – steel double color case, inlaid stone white mother of pearl dial,, waterproof, waterproof depth: 30 meters, 100 feet, women wear, case diameter: 27.5 mm, date display,, diamond.

Cartire Watch Jewelry Collection of luxury of time

        Cartire Watch Jewelry Collection of luxury watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watches SANTOS 100 medium-sized white gold watch with streamline shape, bold strong, full of personality, surface decorated with screws, bright brilliant cut diamonds prominent female charm. The consummate watch color fresh,, fashion modeling,, interpretation of the success of the perfect design. Cartire special to watch carefully with crocodile leather strap. SANTOS-DUMONT small gold watch table adopts Cartire ultra flat large dial, and a line of cutting diamonds highlight square dial design, called the new classic and elegant watches lines. SANTOS MYSTé RIEUSE SANTOS 100 series of limited edition watches watches, using a unique transparent movement full of mysterious color, waiting in weightlessness as if time. This watch masterpiece,, Cartire Its brightness dazzles the eyes. design exquisite, showing the brand incomparable machinery manufacturing process. Since 1912 launched the first has become the most famous design for brand: mysterious pendulum clock. This is also an elegant piece of jewelry, the production process is the most complex of pure cake material, deep color matte surface stresses the unique style of simplicity. Mosaic bright drill will strange new personality played most incisive; first use of pure cake material and diamond studded with extraordinary work.

Jaeger Le Coulter Watch watches the first

        Jaeger Le Coulter watches: the first watches brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watches

recently,, USA Luxury Association survey America rich people in the eyes of the luxury watch brand, respondents based on stable excellent quality,, unique style, promote social status criteria for scoring, the results,, Jaeger Le Coulter (jaeger-Le-Coultre) to obtain the high score of 78 points, is recognized as the first to win other watches, shake the 27 brands in the world, and we are familiar with the Rolex only behind.

The supreme classic

        extreme classic watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, the development history of sapphire watches Rolex and its founder Hans · Wilsdorf (HansWilsdorf) name closely connected. Born in 1881 in a city of Bavaria,, was involved in international business when he was young. At the beginning as a cultured pearl business, 19 year old La Schade Finn (LaChaux-de-Fonds) in Switzerland, watches as a specialized export manufacturing plant as agent. Unique Rolex in 1905, he set up his own business,, called "the Wilsdorf and David company" (WilsdorfandDavis), is a professional company mainly responsible for sales of watches, but he also R & D made watch. On July 2, 1908 morning 8 when, Rolex (Rolex) officially registered trademarks. The first batch of Rolex table because of its technical quality superb and immediate attention. A small Rolex in 1914 by the Kew Observatory (KewObservatory) class a certificate, which is the highest evaluation England’s famous Observatory never issued. Its accuracy has been acknowledged, it is a worldwide event, the watch in Europe and USA suddenly worth double. Since then, the quality of Rolex which represent accurately. The first war after Rolex moved back to Geneva, the founder of promotion, Rolex, continuous innovation, create, perfect oneself. It has two research directions: waterproof and automatic. In 1926,, the first waterproof, dustproof table has finally come out,, this is the famous "Oyster" (Oyster) type table. The 1929 economic crisis dealt a blow to the Swiss, but Rolex has not affected. It invented an automatic mixing mechanisms in this period, made the later of be the rage "perpetual motion" (Perpetual) type table. This automatic watch with a pendulum, a watch that had never been used before, it gives the watch industry has brought a revolution, it is all automated table pioneer at present. Subsequently, Rolex also produced with date table, and can indicate the date and week table in 26 languages. Andre · heinie Rolex can flourish in today’s world renowned table altar, which Andre · (AndreJ.Heiniger); heinie inspiration and enthusiasm inseparable. Henig was born in 1921 to pull Xia Defen, Hans · Wilsdorf met him for the first time, it produced the full trust and sincere respect for him. The two of them love and person contact, the pursuit of perfection. In 1948 Wilsdorf invited Henig joined Rolex to work. He spent six years working in Buenos Aires, responsible for the development of the South American market. Returned to Geneva in 1955, promoted to the Rolex board member, 1964 replaced Wilsdorf as general manager of Rolex company. He faithfully inherited the founder of Rolex business, and constantly improve the quality and technology of leather.

Domestic watch brand — Chinese watches Seagull China first table

        domestic watch brand — China watches "Seagull" Chinese "first" table rises again watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches

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53 years ago, Chinese first mechanical watch was born in Tianjin Seagull group’s predecessor, Tianjin watch factory.
the past half a century, from shortage economy the darling of the era,, to "break out of an encirclement surplus era",, and then to the era of globalization towards the international market Pathfinder, in 38 state-owned watches all fallen in manufacturing enterprises, seagulls are the only stand up.
after wind and rain, fight to win or die.
now, Tianjin Seagull group became the first, the third largest in the world China core manufacturing base.
with China core seagull began to fly to the world…… sevenfriday watch replica

China watch Tianjin Seagull watch sevenfriday watch replica

Seagull table in favor of

until now, the 60 year old Wang Deming mentioned that the lawsuit is still very excited, "who said that China cannot independently developed the world’s most high-end classic watch? Is to let the Swiss people look, the Chinese watch industry is the strength."
in 2008 April, held in Switzerland "Basel world watch and Jewellery Fair" period, the body as the defendant as the seagull group general manager Wang Deming.
a Swiss brand table to the establishment of the General Assembly will be a Seagull "court of arbitration committee", "they put forward to the Seagull" double Tourbillon ‘question,, think the key parts’ differential mechanism’ copied from its brand and patent design, requirements of seagull table provides’ not plagiarism ‘evidence, or face’ immediately cleared. Next year not exhibitors’ punishment……"
the other’s attitude is very firm, but Wang Deming is not worried, "after all" double Tourbillon ‘is the top technology international watch industry, they do not believe that China can develop it, let them personally confirmed!" sevenfriday watch replica
tourbillon, table asked, moon phase calendar is the world watch industry the three classical techniques, "double Tourbillon" is the technical structure in which more complex, seagull table Tourbillon frame weight only 0.37 grams, the equivalent of a swan feather weight, in addition, Tourbillon is composed of 72 fine parts composition,, but most of them handmade.
Basel "the court of arbitration committee" of experts after analysis Seagull "double Tourbillon" movement, carefully observe the key internal parts of a Swiss brand, repeated mutatis mutandis to provide patent certificate, and ultimately identified that: SEA-GULL seagull table no infringement.
a exciting news!
confirmed, has caused a sensation throughout the exhibition, the exhibitors on behalf of China are to rouse. < >

OMEGA watches prices

        price watch brand OMEGA watches,, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches,, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches

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watch providing price information website updated: http://www.tendweb,

(OMEGA) in hippocampus Claymore automatic machinery professional diving watches the member price: 2880 yuan
OMEGA constellation series square multifunctional chronograph watch member price: 360 yuan
OMEGA tieba Richie Ren back through the automatic mechanical watches the member price: $360 sevenfriday watch replica


(OMEGA) in the hippocampus of the American Cup Sailing Competition professional chronograph watch member price: 380 yuan

(OMEGA) in the hippocampus of 007 four pin GMT automatic mechanical watches the member price: 2880 yuan


Comment five Swiss watches

        reviews five Swiss watch brand watch, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches,, watch sapphire watches famous product in both men and women,, general and elegant, taste, cultivation associate together. OMEGA will make you think of the movie "007" in the James · Bond inadvertently in the afternoon Coffee store in the wrist at a glance; Longines is a graceful and elegant beautiful lady Tuosai smile…… Blancpain table lady bird from the 50’s, Blancpain is devoted to watch the highest realm — slim and exact no horse fashion show. In 1956, the world’s first postage "Lady Bird" emerge as the times require. Taking the design of contemporary smallest, caused the altar table shock. Today, Blancpain produce Yi see slim second generation "Lady Bird" and "Lady Bird automatic chain". Elegant round case, rose gold, gold or platinum casting and become, and manually mounted. Automatic chain device for the world’s most subtle. Plum table universe universe diving table made of stainless steel, with fine grinding and fine grinding surface, add radiance to each other,, to highlight the special control effect. Watch assembly automatic movement, not easy to wear sapphire glass and a magnifying glass, the waterproof function up to 200 meters water depth, and a spiral drill lock head. Titanium multi-functional chronograph watch is configured ETA quartz movement, including plum table quality characteristics consistent, if not easy to wear sapphire glass, 50 meters waterproof function, titanium metal weight is light, the appearance of dynamic, full of sense of the times. Longines watch Perth olympic series of Olympic Perth (OPOSITION) series of comprehensive interpretation of harmony with extreme elements, using bright bold lines, as Longines elegant style to expand new areas and increase the avant-garde concept, particularly suited to the pursuit of self-expression young people. Perth Austrian stainless steel watch with sleek and smooth watchband, watchcase and with arched sapphire table mirror, constitute a space streamline design the perfect fluid. Austrian Perth fine steel chronograph is in addition to 30 meters waterproof function, even sometimes, and second hand. Tissot PR100X watches PR100X analog type multifunctional Tissot launch timing and alarm and high speed back gauge function, structure combines sophisticated super Zhuo tabulation technology and the aesthetic era, the multiple functions of timing of traditional and new technologies and cooperate with each other. PR100X multi function alarm clock, not only is the world’s first put the multifunction timer alarm function in analog type, have more unique high speed back gauge function. This function is the advantage of only reduced by school button, can automatically restore also starts a timer, welcome and by the navigator and navigator. OMEGA constellation series OMEGA luxury jewelry from around the world gathered and precious gemstones, there are diamonds, Blaupunkt and red treasure, cutting and grinding into high quality national diamond. Finally,, in order to Seiko will precious stones inlaid in gold or platinum watch. Each group of luxury jewelry series watches are in the Milky Way Galaxy constellation naming – for Ai Guilan, Rafael Benitez and cathy.