OMEGA (solar powered) prototype

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OMEGA " sun powered " prototype


Beijing time in June 26, 2009 18, codenamed HB-SIA "sun power" prototype finally in the Swiss dü Bendorf airport opened the mysterious veil, and will this year the autumn started sailing, only solar powered flying 36 hours straight. As the world commemorates the first human landing on the moon on the occasion of 40 years, OMEGA once again to meet the ultimate challenge, to create a legend of history.


as "one of the main partner sun power", OMEGA will play an important role in providing technical support, economic support and incomparable for its. After that, "sun power" aircraft will sail around the world trip, only rely on the day and night to achieve non-stop flight to drive the solar. This great adventure career will assist humans in the future to find a sustainable alternative energy, and make great contributions to the science and technology and the development of ecology.

OMEGA global president Mr. Ou Kehua said: "OMEGA is’ sunshine power ‘plan the best partner. When all the people were talking about luxury, we should know, the earth is our most precious luxuries. OMEGA is to let more people know the importance of natural resources, or mankind will bear the risk of damage to the ecological environment."

All of the

and the "sun power" project partners,, OMEGA is very concerned about the limited resources of the earth. The search for sustainable energy has become a pressing matter of the moment the feasibility. "Sun power" success will induce people to recognize, in the distance we 8 light – minutes (a unit of length, i.e. light minutes driving distance) away, there is a huge energy has not yet developed, it will reduce our dependence on non renewable resources and fossil fuel. Realize the earth’s sustainable healthy development has become the most noble pursuit of human beings.


OMEGA in the "sun power" role in project

OMEGA has made a number of contributions in the fields of engineering and technology for "sun power". First of all, we from the Swatch group in twentieth Century 90’s development of ultra micro car swatchmobile mixed >

Watch the upstart moon dust DNA series published

        watch the upstart: moon dust DNA series published watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches

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      moon dust-dna tourbillon, BNB caliber 1000rj Tourbillon movement: hand winding movement, case: made of carbon fiber doped titanium alloy for aerospace vehicles on solar cells and Appollo No. 11 back to the moon dust, 4 supporting claws from the use of "alliance" spacecraft take off the rust steel, dial: made of components doped mineral dust moon dial, 6 position 1 minute tourbillon, strap: by fiber woven brought from iss of the international space station and into, black stainless steel clasp,, limited: 9,, power storage: 120 hours,, case diameter: 46 mm

Beijing Olympic Series Limited Edition watch OMEGA

        Beijing Olympic Series Limited Edition watch brand OMEGA watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches,, sapphire watch   OMEGA launched the first "Beijing Olympic Series" is the classic constellation series of limited watches for men and women. As everyone knows, OMEGA constellation series is one of the world’s best-selling watches watchcase, unique four claw supporting design is the OMEGA constellation series of classic style, won the global watch lovers.       this new constellation watch series, the OMEGA six is a limited edition of "Beijing Olympic Series" in the first. All the limited edition watch with special gift and are accompanied by the certificate, each watch on the surface were cast with the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games official logo, valuable for collection.       red (second paragraph ends with the Olympic rings)       this constellation female limited wrist watch equipped with 18K gold, red gold, gold steel or red steel eight kinds of styles, case diameter is 22.5MM, surface glossy white pearl shell assembly, 10 to 2 five an hour scale from left to right respectively, topaz,, sapphire inlaid diamond, emerald and ruby, on behalf of the Olympic rings colors; the rest of the hour scale position with dazzling white diamond.         gold steel     at the same time launched constellation Mens watch also has 18K gold, red gold, gold steel or red steel eight kinds of styles, automatic chain Observatory movement device; case diameter is 35.5mm, the second end with Olympic five rings, and dial below star emblem logo more scattering out of the sun ray fine grinding glossy texture.       Chinese seen "8" as a lucky number, therefore, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will be opened in August 8, 2008. OMEGA launched the "Beijing Olympic Series" each constellation watches, are a limited sale of 888 or 2008. The remaining five limited series launch date also and "8" related: second to fifth limited series will respectively in the opening of the Olympic Games before 288 days, 188 days, 88 days and 8 days to launch; and finally a series, will be in Beijing during the Olympic Games (17 days), every day to launch a limited edition of 88 watch.       OMEGA constellation series charm swept the world: the former Soviet Union in eighth as the general secretary of the central Gorbachev (Mikhail Gorbachev) often wear watches constellation series; in 1995,, the constellation, become an international supermodel "Cindy · Crawford’s choice" (Cindy rawford s Choice ‘),, more make the famous Hollywood star Nicole; · Kidman (Nicole Kidman) and golf star Garcia (Sergio.

Zhang Ziyi endorsement list take latest publicity photos show U.

        Zhang Ziyi endorsement list take latest publicity photos show Oriental watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,, sapphire watches according to Taiwan, "Apple Daily" reported last year,, Zhang Ziyi became the Swiss watches a brand ambassador, and George · Clooney (George Clooney), Nicole · Kidman (Nicole Kidman) with the series, international movie star status by the positive. Shooting Zhang Ziyi as watches brand new image publicity photo also recently unveiled, by today’s fashion photographer Mario · Sauron (Mario sorrenti) provided palm mirror,, before he and Zhang Ziyi as "vogue" magazine that he had Chinese version and cooperation, this photo location is near Times Square in New York City, the master through the camera caught Zhang Ziyi’s Oriental female beauty and profound connotation,, this group of image will be the global exposure.

Cartire Asia Women Entrepreneurs Award finalists announced

        Cartire Women Entrepreneurs Award finalists announced Asia watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch in June 12th,, enjoyed the reputation of the jewelry and watch leader Cartire established global women’s economic social forum, announced the "Cartire Cartier women entrepreneurs Award" the list of the world’s Asia division of the final 3 players list. From Chinese Hou Lerui of Shanghai, Nandini  of India; Pandhi and Kampuchea entrepreneur Daniela  Papi; ultimately selected, after a period of 3 months after the training, there will eventually be a held in October 11th in France Deauville women economic and Social Forum talent showing itself, on behalf of the Asian contestants win. It is understood that, "Cartire Cartier women entrepreneurs Award" by Cartire and women economic and Social Forum jointly established in 2006,, and by the international chief Consultants Co "McKinsey" and INSEAD Dingli Co. This award is an annual international awards,, to honor those led by women with innovative business plan, to encourage more women to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. Awards in the global top 5 winners each year (each continent each player),, the grand prize winner will receive a $20000 bonus and annual consultant support.

Prominent distinguished billionaire Tourbillon Diamond Watch

        prominent distinguished billionaire Tourbillon diamond watch brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   first, the royal family and nobles will diamond jewelry inlaid on the pocket watch or other goods, to show its prominent position and noble; later, social activities wear jewelry table has become a symbol of status and taste.   treasures Tourbillon Tourbillon technology reach the peak of perfection of beauty, coupled with the diamonds inlaid,, which makes Tourbillon watches in luxury base on more value to the collection! The launch of the CORUM this year’s billionaire Tourbillon watch tourbillon, consolidated price image. Like its name, the only billionaire Tourbillon watch broken million yuan price may be only the super rich have the strength to have. Of course, so high prices not only because tourbillon, but studded with full table ladder drill. Right, and that this "billionaire" the world is only 20, the first day of orders has reached 15! Charming! This year, PIAGET with 1144 106.52 carat diamonds to build a ladder drill to create wonderful palace. Design of double box double time, carry the famous 600P ultra-thin Tourbillon movement, show watch the king temperament. Process such superb and so many ladder drill, make a "Palace" is rare, therefore,, this watch is made only one, but has been a mystery buyer orders, even the rich people, it seems can only enjoy the pictures! And before paragraph two compared to the table, VACHERON CONSTANTIN the Maltese full surface drilling Tourbillon watch filled with modern style,, but in its every nuance, perfect lips with Vacheron Constantin 252 years of proud watchmaking tradition. It is worth mentioning that, Cal.1790 movement hidden within which is the world’s first tonneau Tourbillon movement, 292 pieces of all parts after hand polished and decoration. In addition to a small seconds tourbillon,, it use the noble metal platinum as the case material, and in the case and dial encrusted with round diamonds and ladder drill, reveals the ultimate honour. In three big complex functional watch, three Q function can be regarded as the most complicated. The BOVET three will be asked and Tourbillon two complex function combination, and integrated into the Golden Eagle inlaid with diamonds and other craft, make watches collection value peak. With complex function mechanism of such excellent and exquisite workmanship, also only is embedded in the case each corner of the ladder drill bright firelight and comparable to each other, it can be said, this is complex and need a shape and meaning are stunning.

Hublot watches Global Limited Edition Polo Club

        Polo Club Global Limited Edition Hublot watches brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   has been actively integrate into the global top tycoons resort harbour life circle Hublot Hublot table, following the Monaco Yacht Club (Monaco Yacht Club) and Wally Yacht Association (Wally Yacht associations), once again into the French resort of Saint Tropez (Saint-Tropez), except in the local open second branches, and issued a limited edition watch Saint Tropez Polo Club Polo Club watches, painted with "Polo Club Saint-Tropez" logo to identify, a symbol of the top leisure, taste and Hublot brand image more closely inseparable.                     Big Bang "Polo Cup Saint-Tropez" limited memorial table             stainless steel case,, misty white ceramic bezel / HUB44 automatic movement / time, small seconds, date display / timing stopwatch function / "Polo Club Saint-Tropez" Logo is located at 9 position / limited 250 / timing buttons sandwich white natural rubber / table diameter 44.5mm / sapphire crystal mirror, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 100 meters / white natural rubber strap, otherwise generous lattice crocodile leather strap             the ultimate symbol of identity and taste             Hublot table in recent years since the launch of Big Bang series table section, as her momentum,, not only won the Geneva Watch & clock design awards, and one after another in the Middle East, Japan won the professional table design awards, not only that,, including design magazine, media choice professional managers, Hublot table and President of Biver are often list, 2007 directly across the foot path from Paris Saint honor he Lu (Rue Saint Honoré) opened its first branch, recently in Shengzhuo The old city center of PEZ luxury hotel (Byblos Hotel) in a point, and the Hublot "Big Bang Polo Cup Saint-Tropez" limited form, is in the last few years and the top leisure,, taste the most closely watch brand symbol.       "Polo Club Saint-Trop;

Star and watches luxury feast

        star and watches luxury feast watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches,, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watches are fashionable weathercock in today’s stars,, their basic necessities of life are affecting family of fans, star endorsement of the product will have a special effect,, then the article to have a look these Waner have bearing on the wrist.

The God 7 aerospace Fiyta Skywalker global limit 699

        God 7 aerospace Fiyta Skywalker global limit 699 watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch   late on September 25th, carrying the China astronauts first "space walk" the dream of the Shenzhou seven manned spacecraft launch. Through the "Shenzhou seven" ask the machine, the god seven space table — Fiyta Spacemaster Skywalker decryption limited edition issue of global synchronization. "Skywalker" debut, immediately aroused the public and people pursuit of. According to Fiyta is responsible for the relevant sources, this limited edition global only sold 699 pieces,, in addition, there are 50 blocks and the god seven astronauts wear watches as like as two peas. It is understood, deciphering the issue of limited edition, have adopted the mechanical movement Fiyta independent research and development, at the same time,, with the astronauts space missions and specially designed 45min lap, AM/PM instructions, long-lasting luminous display etc.. Fiyta Spacemaster Skywalker exquisite appearance, the rotatable stainless steel watchcase, sapphire table mirror, black anti glare matte case, fluorescent indicator and titanium alloys have "space walk" logo embossed bottom cover. The bottom cover scene is Chinese astronauts "space walk" moments. In order to increase the astronauts use comfort, the crown is also increased the rubber. Spacemaster Skywalker just on the side of the city by many space game, watch for people of all ages. See in Fiyta stores the reporter, "Skywalker" counter surrounded and rushed to the public, and many people expressed their intention to buy watches and clocks. The reporter learns, before "the god seven" the launch,, Fiyta launched a "pre order for members" activities, only the Hongkong area was booked 20 pieces of "skywalker". Fiyta introduce the persons concerned, the pre ordered Fiyta Spacemaster Skywalker table is part of the Fiyta group to the global public offering. The god seven space table will be issued in the whole world, to commemorate the latest achievement China aerospace industry. Has been pre ordered to Fiyta Skywalker collection lovers think Mr. Lee, as the achievement China witness and participant of the aerospace industry, Fiyta Spacemaster Skywalker is the industry watches China pinnacle. This watch is full of fashionable breath, which was originally cold mechanical continuously shed fascinating light. At the same time, it has the inestimable value to the collection. Fiyta Spacemaster Skywalker is intended to walk in space,, "heaven revolves, the gentleman to unremitting self-improvement" conception for creative inspiration, Fiyta Aerospace sheet project chief designer Sun Lei told reporters, Fiyta Spacemaster Skywalker atmosphere delicate appearance design, full of tough image. The expedition with God seven astronauts to space form, in precision, etc. antimagnetic performance have reached international advanced level, can withstand strong motion, and high-energy radiation, temperature difference space threat.

Gucci Gucci bit Chain Bracelet Watch

        Gucci Gucci bit chain bracelet watch watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch GUCCI bit Chain Bracelet Watch (Lotus champagne surface) bracelet table reference price of $: 4125 "GUCCI" brand story global fashion focus GUCCI, the first GUCCI store founder Guccio Gucci in 1920 Florence opened, focus on materials and technology upgrade, and pioneered the will names as logo printed on goods, become the classic logo the earliest design, makes the Gucci rapidly in the 50~60 years, has become a symbol of wealth and luxury, the 1994 TON FORD, creative director, to create a more GUCCI brand-new brand image, young, modern, attractive, sexy, leading the fashion footsteps, became a popular creator, GUCCI created a fashion kingdom. Product specification   resistant sapphire crystal mirror material exquisite stainless steel watchcase fashion champagne dial arc type: Swiss original quartz machine core, wear-resistant sapphire crystal mirror,, clasp GUCCI trademark Gucci Gucci: Gucci Gucci brand has been in the production of high-end luxury products famous. Both shoes,, bags and clothing, are "the symbol of status and wealth,," Gucci Gucci brand image makes rich consumer society darling. In the production of Florence, the young Guccio Gucci (Gucci euro · Gucci) will be Gucci Gucci as logo printed on the leather. Florence is located in the Gucci Gucci group is one of Italy’s largest fashion group, Gucci Gucci fashion in addition to operating outside the Gucci Gucci purses, shoes, Gucci Gucci Gucci Gucci watches, Gucci Gucci home accessories, Gucci Gucci pet products, Gucci Gucci scarf, tie,, Gucci Gucci Gucci Gucci perfume etc..