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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; because starred in Feng Xiaogang’s New Year Movies "blame sincere not faze 2" was dubbed the style "von girl" title zhangxinyu exploded in popularity, zhangxinyu indecent photos to be broke, zhangxinyu face an avalanche of "wash" offensive. Recently, the former boyfriend will not only Zhang Xinyu< p > because starred in Feng Xiaogang’s New Year Movies "blame sincere not faze 2" was dubbed the style "von girl" title zhangxinyu exploded in popularity, zhangxinyu indecent photos to be broke, zhangxinyu face an avalanche of "wash" offensive.

< p > recently, "the ex" will not only zhangxinyu indecent according to bed and suspected zhangxinyu shaping of photos, the zhangxinyu has announced one by one on the Internet,
longines watches, including drug abuse, when Miss restaurant and rich nurturing. It seems our Joe Zhang Xinyu should have "escape" Edison pornographic storm. I do not know how much time to these rumors, Zhang Xinyu indecent photos to calm down.


< p > zhangxinyu indecent photos led "our Missy" popularity soared [figure] new, zhangxinyu indecent photos were before has been reported suspected shaping rumors, although her blog denied, but now they blew the whistle on the more awesome. There is a netizen named "elegant man", he broke out in the network and Zhang Xinyu indecent photos, which is suspected of Zhang Xinyu former boyfriend’s friends said that Zhang Xinyu is indeed the entire shape.


Zhang Xinyu indecent photos in order to increase the credibility of the "elegant man" also took his photos. Although there is no expert on set this group of zhangxinyu indecent photos, but from zhangxinyu indecent according to the number of photos and body movements, it seems our little Joe zhangxinyu should have been able to escape the "Edison" pornographic storm.



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brings together a large number of exquisite craft of the huge glass building

< p > watch workshop is located in has a brilliant history tabulation core area La Xia Defang (Dandong leather chemical works 118002) (LA Chaux de fonds) is Switzerland’s largest comprehensive integrated watch workshop of at. Building outstanding transparent glass building is surrounded by the mountains of Jura Valley,
breitling watch, with pasture lands around the green trees as a whole, covers an area of more than 30000 square meters.

< p > Cartier Watch workshop is number not much can fully independent design,
Sexy Lingerie, production and maintenance the homemade one of the watches and movement workshops on watch, regardless of the complexity of a wrist watch and the movement structure, regardless of the old and new styles, Cartier had to cope.

all of the experts in the field of the field here gathered here, more than 175 kinds of tab technology is divided into three major sectors: R & D, production and customer service. The all tabulation process converge to the same workshop, Cartier has been to ensure strict control of each link in the process of production,Moncler outlet, so as to ensure the cartier watches extraordinary quality. Mix of cutting-edge technology and traditional handmade fine technology, Cartier Watch workshop brings together from 37 countries more than 1000 craftsmen of professional skills. With such an unparalleled human resources, Cartire is also the ancient watch technology of the protector,rolex watches, through internal training and process integration mechanism, is committed to the heritage of the traditional.

2 will be released from the house of friends hot debate TV drama ray 2011-6-20 drama

        2 will be released from the 2,,     2011-6-20;;;;;  . Recently, lock Jade Palace sequel makeup as He Shengming, William Feng,, has been filming, Yang Mi and other actors together again

2 will be released from the hot friends of the TV series 2011-6-20 drama drama 2,    ;   William Feng and Yang Mi starred in the "house" let a few actors fire a handful of. Recently,click here, lock Jade Palace sequel makeup as He Shengming, William Feng, has been filming, Yang Mi and other actors gathered in the palace again 2 crew entered the shooting stage, the latest photos also. Review of recent television drama, drama 2 kinds of different kinds of sequel,, it seems that ray out of good ratings has become a law, users review the recent years, Ray’s sequel.

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S Bhutan honeymoon photos exposed pregnant said that was negative in 2011

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Hsu Bhutan honeymoon photo exposed pregnancy that is denied to June 1, 2011 to Bhutan honeymoon photos, festooned with entertainment news: May 25,, Hsu in blog exposed the own due to cold after scraping photos,, causing the majority of users in the sound of a piece of sympathy, May 29, Hsu

s Bhutan honeymoon photos exposed pregnant said that that was denied to Bhutan in June 1, 2011 as the honeymoon, like entertainment news: May 25th, Hsu exposed himself with a cold after scraping photos, in the blog caused the majority of users of a piece of the sound of sympathy, May 29th s again passed and Wang Xiaofei, Aya went to Bhutan on vacation as the honeymoon, because the body is too full,, many users to guess whether she has been pregnant, but from the big s in the middle of the night and Internet blog with the majority of users to share "time lift method", if it is pregnant in the body to Bhutan as honeymoon is not possible, at midnight,, it s not realistic visible pregnancy; enter the big blog the > > > longines watches

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OMEGA Speedmaster 311,, watch

OMEGA Speedmaster chronograph watch has been a model for the brand, is proud of the work. This super watch equipped with coaxial self-developed OMEGA. The 9300 movement, to ensure the precise timing of stable and lasting. Small dial dial don’t Chaoba watch common three small dial, innovative design for two small dial,, 12 hours and 60 minutes timing plate configuration to the 3 position of the dial,replica iwc watches, time read more convenient.

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series PAM 00386 modern Panerai watch

watches Panerai in recent years is very hot, watch design simple atmosphere by many people’s favorite. The special feature of this watch is bridge protection device for case and protection on the list of the crown are made by Panerai patent composite material Panerai composite. This is a man-made ceramic material, than ceramic light, while the ratio of steel is much harder. Watch equipped with Cal.P.9000 automatic movement, power reserve to provide up to three days.

Parity wearing a thousand yuan domestic major suit fan of fashion watch

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thousand choice: Fiyta FIYTA series of mechanical watch DLA8362,business bag.WWSD watch photographer clover

< p > Fiyta photographer series clover bijou, with the theme of "photography" and "clover", the interpretation of female Hengmei happy time. Equipped with automatic chain of mechanical movement, also to multi elements to create the dial, table ring inlaid Swarovski crystal watch more eye-catching fashion. The bright yellow leather strap, is the best choice for summer dress dotting.

[fashion collocation]

of Fiyta FIYTA series DLA8362.WWSD mechanical watch photographer clover; reference price: 4980RMB



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Jack Rogers sandals

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Beijing Wangfujing department store (Group) Limited by Share Ltd (Wangfujing department store)

address: No. 255, Wangfujing street, Beijing City,

Shanghai Pudong Airport store (Pudong airport store)

address: Pudong Shanghai airport terminal two domestic C79

Shenzhen Fiyta (Group) Co.,, Ltd. Guangzhou branch (is a good store)

address: No. 1C085, No.

, Tianhe District, Guangzhou,
copy bags,, No.



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Actress fur gorgeous appearance recommended extravagance [map] watch collocation _ watch _ famous sh

Zhang Ziyi: charming extravagance

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,

!< p > Zhang Ziyi wore a Dior2013 new attended the spring summer 2013 Paris high fashion week, winter wear this skirt is really courageous, pieces of skirt skirt does swaying; black small cusp high-heeled lovable, Jiaoqiao obvious leg type; the proportion of short fur coat and dress collocation is very appropriate; lips and nails red and echo. Zhang Ziyi day also wore a disc series black dial watch,
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fake bags, elegant temperament more foil.

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,

!< p > Omega disk fly ladymatic series wrist watch, Zhang Ziyi often wear styles, to say the excellence of this watch is combination of rounded appearance and quality of the machine. In the ladymatic watches, you can not only see the time that exciting soft lines, but also through the back through the bottom of the table, a glimpse of movement of the operation of the charm. Also watch for this 425., the snowflake inlay process to create beautiful table circle,
click here, let any woman to dump its brilliant attitude.

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,


Zhang Ziyi this fur dress stylish atmosphere, and the Ladymatic series collocation was remarkable. Black skirt to catch a short black fur can show a perfect figure, again with sequins material bag costume this black strap gold watchcase Omega ladymatic wristwatch,Replica watches for sale, confident fashion temperament is difficult to ignore,!

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ceramic watch TAG Heuer formula series WAH1211.BA0861 watch


as the name, TAG Heuer formula one series everywhere embodies the speed and passion of the proposition. Ring on the digital scale,cartier watches, type track scale, the second hand of a slender in against the background of the white ceramic material is rigorous and elegant. Mix and match of the ceramic and stainless steel, make the gold watch in mellow into a trace of hale and hearty, and also soft also steel of the image of modern women is very fit.

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Beijing store (Shin Kong Heuer)

address: Beijing City, No. 87 Jianguo Road, Shin Kong a layer of M1026

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Heuer Pudong Times Square)

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Department watch area

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Big Bang 44mm

301, watch series

watch series: Big Bang series

movement type: automatic mechanical

18K rose gold case material:

braceletstuff: rubber

case diameter: 44 mM

reference price: 263200

HK$< p > brief: the wristwatch with 44 mm diameter design,, pure black dial with three small dial is particularly eye-catching. At 3 o’clock in the direction of the small dial for 30 minutes chronograph dial, 6 o’clock position of the small dial for 12 hour chronograph dial, and small dial 9 o’clock direction for normal meter small seconds disc, in the middle of the red second hand for real seconds. Watch collocation HUB 44 automatic movement, power storage up to 42 hours. The design of rubber strap, waterproof, anti sweat effect is very good.

Big Bang 44mm 318, series Hublot watch

watch series: Big Bang series

movement type: automatic mechanical

Case material:


braceletstuff: crocodile

case diameter: 44 mM

reference price: 140000

HK$< p > brief: the wristwatch with ceramic case design, 44 mM black dial with red pointer and standard design, read very convenient. Collocation black crocodile leather strap,
LONGINES WATCHES, the visual effect is more outstanding. Watch equipped with HUB 1146 automatic movement, power storage for 42 hours.

New year four [figure] recommended simple watch happy _ watch _ famous shopping guide _ fashion watc

(Seamaster) 2806.77.40 watch

< p > red pearl dial Fritillaria with red leather strap, from the color in the hearts of the Chinese people was stained with a festive atmosphere, especially suitable for in the new year and happy day wear. Watch movement is equipped with cal.2201 manually on the chain movement, power reserve time can reach 53 hours, that every 2 Heaven a chain can ensure that watch the precise operation. Dial watch reached a stunning 49 mm, for it’s diameter is not an ordinary person can manage,, hope that the majority of friends according to his wrist really well consider.

-lecoultre (Reverso) q278856J watch

< p > said Jaeger LeCoultre we now first thought is Jijia reversal series of watches,
Replica watches, but the master series wrist watch also heady. This watch is exhibited at the 2012 Geneva Watch Fair new watch, watch the appearance design is still using the classic square reverse design,
cartier watches, the biggest difference is the dial color uses very little red dial. Equipped with a watch movement Jijia the latest 822 manual chain movement,, movement control the thickness of 2.94 mm, is a rare ultra-thin movement.