Zhang Xinyu space 2010 men with Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition

        December 3, 2010, hosted by the fashion media group’s "men’s clothes", "2010 men’s assembly" Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition "in the twenty-two hospital Street Art District white space exhibition opening. "Men with" editor and publisher Rosinante, "men with" advertising director Lu

in December 3, 2010, by the fashion media group’s "men’s clothes" hosted "2010 men’s" Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition "in the twenty-two hospital Street Art District white space exhibition opening. Star FHM editor and publisher, tit, FHM China advertising director Lu and Qiwei, Vincent, horses, Wu Diwen, zhangxinyu, women’s 12 Lok Square, Hao Tian, Qi Qianjun etc. have arrived and were celebrating art exhibition opening. Zhang Xinyu is still in the field signature presented in December, "the man installed".

https://www.wish.com/merchant/fuzhouhengdetradingcoltd< p > zhangxinyu space 2010 FHM China contemporary art exhibition,
www.fashion-chrono.com, the art exhibition is on the basis of the theme of "Chinese style", by the industry’s well-known artists to create works include painting, sculpture, photography, installation and various kinds of theme interpretation of works of art.

https://www.wish.com/merchant/fuzhouhengdetradingcoltd< p > famous designer Yue creation of works called "Chun GUI where WheredoestheSpringGo", with Chinese traditional curtain embedded female
underwear as relief ridicule and expression of women and private; life and thinking. Artist Liu Zhao’s works the text feast, sex, through the design of the cooking, make "food, color," a writing table delicacies. Not even a gourmet, each culture smell and taste can also taste the culture dishes prepared. "Good and evil" taste, scrutinize "color, color Yun" product phase, appreciate "discontent" majestic and strong.


artist Zhang Yanzi exhibited six paintings of "treading on sedge" series of works and two pieces of "rest" theme works. The step sedge "creation in 2007, works for selecting fresh theme of modern women, using unique painting language, no background, no plot,luxury swiss watches, simple performance figures of the United States, with lines and ink to win. The characters are dynamic and have the charm, which reflects the aesthetic taste of the young people in the contemporary multicultural background. This series of works in 2007,Sexy Lingerie Jacobs Skirt, "hundreds of Jinling" Exhibition on gold.


artist Hao friends of the three pieces of sculpture, with smooth and elegant lines, showing the unique beauty of women. 2010 Hao Youwei 8.3 International Men’s Day "creation of sculptures in the life that shakes the barley this year have been selected for the Louvre art salon.


in the exhibition scene,http://www.wrist4usale.com, a set of classic works by the men installed special photographer attracted the attention of the guests at the scene. This group of works not only reflect the "men loaded" in the 7 years of publication.

2012 the Earth destroyed the news to Hocking predicted that the earth will be one in 200 years.

        · a famous physicist,
http://www.salewatchstore.com, Stephen; Hawking says the earth will be in 200 years, and it is only one of the people who want to live in the world. In 2012, the destruction of the earth news this news read to the family,
bag outlet, the attitude of adults is: 200 year after we

read a piece of news: the famous physicist Stephen · Hocking says the earth will be in 200 years, while the human beings want to continue to live only one: immigration.

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news 2012 destruction of the earth this news read to the family, the attitude of adults is: 200 year after we miss, don’t worry. The child’s attitude: not 2012 ah, it is still far away. Their attitude probably represents a large number of people. 2182, remember how far and long, but in the long process of human history, only 200 years is too short? See the Mayan prophecy in 2012 the earth facing explosion disaster I don’t think that,replica handbags, after all, the lack of scientific basis. But physicists Hocking’s inference but can’t let me regard as unimportant.

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2012 news of Hocking predicted the destruction of the earth earth within 200 years you will laugh?, Hocking’s inference for an ordinary person might appear, but we think of his popular commentary which one has reason to refute? "The human beings have entered more and more time, I have experienced many related events. Because the human genes carry "," the human genetic code, the earth is a little bit of malpractice, resource depletion, human beings can not put all the egg in one basket, so don’t bet on a planet." "More time" "related events" every day we are through these sorts of news received? Over exploitation, on the verge of a serious deterioration of ecological, biological, constantly… So… Can earth 200 years? 200 years after the human will be successful migration to the outer space? I have to be able to disregard their own the children, as long as they live a comfortable sleep without any anxiety? Compared with the poverty and backwardness of the ancient, modern people live is so clear, now ten years of technology development and the past decades, hundreds of years of progress, we go to the quick run out of energy at the same time, also died at the fastest speed.

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migration to the outer space? Time billions, billions of flesh came to the planet,luxurylikestore.com, what would it be? "Don’t bet on a planet," Alas! I can’t imagine! Modern smart people, when we have a hint of "anyway, we’re not in the" blurted out when just think about it: 4 billion 500 million years of life on earth, the evolutionary history of human development for millions of years, thousands of years of human civilization history will disappear in our hands! If so, you will laugh at


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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Kung Fu Panda 2 "game of the same name landed the iPhone (report of download 2011-6-1" Kung Fu Panda 2 "download,
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luxury swiss watches, the naive, of unknown parentage panda came to our side," Kung Fu Panda 2 "a release would sweep across the domestic box office, allegedly only 2 days reached the million domestic box office results,
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