Mysterious mystery Breguet Tourbillon

        Breguet Tourbillon watches brand mysterious mystery, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watchesBreguet tourbillon

mysterious mystery

Breguet Tourbillon watch

Breguet Tourbillon watch

Breguet Tourbillon watch


Breguet Tourbillon watch

Tourbillon device of

floating in the air like, neither too fast nor too slow rotating; by a mechanical structure, an instant into a wonderful work of art, this is the highest realm of wrist watch?

said the tourbillon, almost everyone will associate the Breguet Breguet invented because, in addition to master tourbillon,, Tourbillon watches continued development, and structure refinement Tourbillon itself is the world give high evaluation of breguet. Tourbillon device belongs to the complex mechanical structure, flourish in between these years, but the original — Breguet, nature won’t be absent in this battle, and still maintain the leading.

Breguet introduction of new Classique 5335BR Tourbillon Messidor the mysterious Tourbillon watch,, this watch because the use of hollow out design and eccentric time display and the famous. In addition, the most special place is, design techniques use mystical, lets the entire tourbillon device like a floating in the air.

The design techniques of

which originated from the mystery clock Mystery Clock, is a transparent crystal two pieces of thin, the above paste on the hour hand and the minute hand, by gear meshing, crystal edge and core rotates, the minute hand is like running in the sky of illusion.


The only

Breguet Tourbillon will use this technique in tourbillon device, the first piece of crystal glass in front of tourbillon device; second pieces of crystal glass is located at the bottom of Tourbillon framework, is also fixed the tourbillon device; third pieces of crystal glass, is located in the center of the tourbillon, tourbillon device (and throughout the in addition to balance the central axis outside), let the three pillar frame lock into a fixed. This piece of crystal glass periphery with teeth, and train five gear, when this piece of water >

Ten of the most easy to reproduce lifelike watches

        ten of the most easy to reproduce "lifelike" brand watches watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, watch the ultra-thin couples, compared to sapphire watches and watch enthusiasts, counterfeiters to watch the market concern is to go beyond. They look for opportunities, waiting in the wings. Phishing table market survey report website currently lists the ten most "lifelike" fake table. The production of the ranking criteria is very simple, have a look which mix the spurious with the genuine,, fake watch can achieve vivid effect. – Rolex Explorer 1 Explorer 1 design simple and delicate, but it is the simple design which makes it more easy to reproduce. Rolex submariner (Rolex Submariner) Rolex deep-sea diving table, with the crown shoulder, magnifying the calendar display function. The golden light of the frogman has become one of the most difficult to be imitated watch style of Rolex. – Chopin rally watch due to the use of ETA (ETA is the core manufacturer manufacturer in the world’s largest and most successful Valgranges series A07.111) movement, this watch has become the object of being imitated. Counterfeiters can accurate imitation of the table with the crystal mirror, magnifier,, a calendar wheel and the rear cover. Panerai Panerai watches Ferrari series – most of the counterfeit or easily recognizable, such as design errors or ill placed the crown shoulder,, too short a minute wheel, inferior calendar wheel or mirror etc.. However, the Panerai Ferrari series phishing table as far as possible to avoid these defects, so as to achieve the effect of mix the spurious with the genuine. – Green Han super big crown watch super big crown watch appeared very early imitation, but counterfeiters counterfeit technology recently is strive for further improvement. Now tell the need to open the cover, because the fake mechanical mechanism within the table than the general truth table to nothing. – Audemars Pigeut Royal Oak Offshore watch series Audemars Pigeut Royal Oak Offshore watch patterned long-standing. The latest this fake table improves the imitation technology, second vice dial and calendar wheel and so on are more accurate imitation. Of course, these counterfeit or defective, such as dial the luminosity is natural,, date display window and table than it really was left. BREITLING super – Marine Steel fish watches Breitling is one of the brand is often imitated, but its steel fish watch being fake up. Identification should pay attention to color, appearance and other details of the digital ID. – bly scholar three needle protection table Bolai scholar three needle protection table also because its simple design and become the target of counterfeiters competition. So far, unique to the BR01 series of four lock screw is relatively easy to discern. But recently the imitation tabulation technology the whole BR series has been improved, and covers a lot of colour and variety. Consumers distinguish should pay attention to when the technical content dial photometric, quality and whole watch strap. Frank Muller – barrel ten anniversary limited edition watch on the market a lot of fake Watch Limited Edition watch, but the barrel itself has the very high technology. The simple design "

Swiss watches the count of New Watch Jewelry shining Shuangcheng

        new jewelry watches Swiss watch count shining Shuangcheng watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches,, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,, sapphire watchesThe Earl of

New Watch Jewelry shining Shuangcheng

2008 the count’s new description is by its global CEO Mai Zhenjie to do the prologue, in all SIHH2008 brand new product introduction, from global CEO to personally introduced is rare, it is enough to see Earl brand attention to China media, to China market attention.

SIHH in 2008, focusing on the introduction of the latest count Limelight jewelry and watch series, belt we explore two of the city’s most shining on the earth: Paris and New York.

count with Eiffel Tower and Place de la Concorde Ferris wheel two landmarks as sources of inspiration, depict the magical beauty belongs to Paris. Whether in the dinner or new products, you will find Eiffel Tower everywhere around you, the light shines magnificent; ornate; fascinating combined into Eiffel Tower,, people feel like being in the Senna River in Paris. The count was also selected two representative American dream: Chrysler Building and the Statue of Liberty in New York, as the latest Limelight Joaillerie inspiration. To Paris and New York Huadu are bold gorgeous watch works, a total of two Piaget POLo Tourbillon Relatif watch, are limited to three only.

The Earl of

in addition to the introduction of complex functional watch, also launched in Paris and New York two fashion for the design elements of the senior jewelry watches, the perfect interpretation of the count "Watch Jewelry two hearts" principle.

Piaget 18K

white gold watch

symbol since 1889 is Paris city on behalf of the Eiffel Tower,, the long history of dazzling monument, as the count in the watches and jewelry diamond source of inspiration.

587 round diamonds inlaid watchcase density (weighing about 9.3 karats), charcoal gray dial.

upper case is in the shape of Paris’s Eiffel Tower hourglass hourglass within the metal beads, can be in freely moving about in the hourglass >

Tag Heuer classic cast domineering man

        Tag Heuer classic cast domineering man watches brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch,, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch classic chronograph Monaco Formula One Grand Prix renowned sports industry has been long, unique track gives the driver be in ecstasies over driving pleasure. TAG Heuer gain inspiration from,, in 1969 launched the Monaco series, the one and only once in the square waterproof case shocked the altar table, and watch for the history to write a new page. Chronomatic core Monaco watch is equipped with the world’s first device of miniature pendulum, complete production technologies of automatic winding movement. Steve McQueen (· Steve McQueen) in the 1970 Film Classic Racing film "Le Mans", the choice is Monaco watch. Today, this watch is still seem so incomparably superior, show the tag heuer to subvert the traditional, avant-garde and innovative spirit. The legendary Chronograph "Pan American highway car" was founded in 1950 years, as the Formula One racing elite match. Five champion racing ace Juan Manuel Fangio, the famous Argentina in 1953 won the championship title, write down an unforgettable heroic exploits. TAG Heuer to commemorate this period of history, especially in the 1964 launch of the Carrera chronograph, combine the spirit of sports excellence and distinguished and elegant aesthetic,, get unlimited appreciation altar table immediately. Now Carrera chronograph with a completely new look comes out, a new session spokesman Brad Pitt also reproduce the "perfect gentleman" era. Combined with the Link series since 1999 spirit and elegant temperament, has been the one and only in the aesthetic, a perfect blend of sports spirit of excellence with the noble and elegant temperament. Comparison of fluent line and strong, to bring out the beauty and power of the stainless steel material. Strap representative of exquisite,, not only accord with human body engineering, flexible and comfortable wearing, full of transitional significance the streamlined design. TAG Heuer in 2003 launched a new series of Link, not only is more modern, more streamlined elegance. Exercise the full spirit of the combination of rare elegance, most incisive show this watch consummate style. New TAG Heuer Formula 1 watch two won the F1 World Championship McLaren driver Fernando · Alonso was involved in the design of this new chronograph, the dissemination of sports and leisure image. The new tag heuer Formula 1 series by pure lines and unprecedented details of the design for the re interpretation of the used for sports watch, but also become a durable sports watch model.

Wearing a sports coat luxury Chronograph Heuer

        wearing a sports coat luxury Chronograph Heuer watches brand,, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches golfer Tiger · Woods,, tennis player Sharapova, basketball player Xing Yaoming, F1 drivers Montoya and Lai Kening…… Chinese first saw TAG Heuer, always be the famous athletes seriously worn on the wrist, and then have a look the tag heuer products catalog, golf series, car series, diving series…… So we believe "Hoya" is a professional sports brand. From the beginning of 2005, it suddenly appeared in the Brad · Peter and Uma · Mundy’s wrist — the two Hollywood star is famous in the world, but their lives are really with any movement it doesn’t matter substantial. From the sports star to movie stars, TAG Heuer huge spokesperson team began to make people feel at a loss: is this the most famous in the Chinese sports watch brand changed my direction? LVMH is involved, brought these changes for the tag heuer. Philippe Pascal, chairman of LVMH group, jewelry and watches division, "TAG Heuer" to read out the pronunciation of French general like "tiger · Joel",, a tag heuer’s latest SRL racing table wear on his wrist, let his suit tie looks a little strange. Philippe Pascal very seriously said: "’tag heuer’ is not a sport watch. But adhering to the spirit of the high-end luxury watch movement". The maximum from the world of luxury group president is not satisfied with the people usually cognition of TAG Heuer, he want to let everybody know, the tag heuer brand under the purview of LVMH "from the beginning of 2005, the tag heuer" has developed towards the high-end luxury road stride Sharapova endorsement of the tag heuer –F1 diamond watch (Figure 2) was founded in 1860 in Switzerland "tag heuer" has been in the production of famous sport timer. Wheel patent adjustment from the oscillator in 1882 the first timer of mechanical system of patent to 1887, from 1916 to launch the first accurate up to 1/100 seconds of time measurement system, to the first time in 1966 launched a precision micro timer of 1/1000 seconds, and then to the 1969 launch of the article with a miniature turntable automatic chronograph system, "Hoya" feature is the precise timing performance. But with many Swiss made watch brand than, in the end price but never let them take it as a luxury view. In Philippe Pascal’s view, should also have everyone can afford high-end luxury products. "Tag heuer products manufactured, not to let a person of, but in order to let more people to use. Luxury property tag heuer is the process of better quality, more functions and better,, and is not only very high price." Rather let Philippe P.

Tissot introduced new square table Quadrato Valjoux (map)

        Tissot introduced new square table Quadrato Valjoux (map) watch brand,, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches,, sapphire watches 09 Basel,, Tissot introduced new square table Quadrato Valjoux — a case: 316L stainless steel case: Blue crystal glass table glass movement: ETA automatic chronograph movement Valjoux 7750: 100 meters waterproof

BMW official website

        BMW official website watches brand watches,, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches,, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches,, BMW watches prices / sapphire watches BMW watch pictures / BMW watches offer / BMW watch pictures / BMW / BMW watches watches Forum Forum / Swiss BMW watches prices / BMW watches the price inquiry / BMW watches all styles / BMW watches / BMW watch model query / BMW official website

Maggie Cheung to watch EBEL take the plane advertisement

        Maggie Cheung EBEL took the plane advertisement watches brand watches,, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches,, sapphire watch   past Maggie Cheung only attended campaign spokesman, this is her first time to Ebel beat the plane advertisement, Ebel appreciate Maggie Cheung talent therefore,, the new design of the watch, will listen to her advice for reference.  

09 years of Breitling launched a new Bentley watch series

        09 years Breitling launched a new Bentley watch series watch brand,, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches,, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch if you do not pay close attention, you may miss Basel 2009 release of the new Breitling Bentley series. Dial the subtle changes, make it more stunning….. Breitling again this year for its Bentley series launched three new watch, its design inspiration is derived from the dashboard sports car, dial and strap color also can be used for the wearer to choose. The three watches are equipped with 25B mechanical movement after the Swiss Observatory certification and has a number of patented technologies, and by the Breitling self assembly. Bentley 6.75 speed 25 B watch movement: Breitling chronograph movement, by the Swiss Observatory COSC certification case: stainless steel case, carving patterns bezel dial: ivory white dial,, 12 position date display window, luminous material filling time table with pointers: crocodile leather strap, stainless steel clasp

MontBlanc watch core manufacturing

        MontBlanc watch "core" manufacturing watch brand,, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches MontBlanc "has 1858 series of enamel single button chronograph and size zero second hand watch MontBlanc" has 1858 series "enamel single button Chronograph (on) to commemorate the 150 anniversary of the Anti China factory and in particular the introduction, within this batch of new dial enamel filling method for firing,, and the assembly last 16.29 or 13.21 chronograph movement, sapphire crystal glass table back,, can see the movement splint gold-plated Minerva Villeret (US resistant Huawei Lyle) lettering; the crown is inlaid with mother of Pearl MontBlanc star logo. MontBlanc "has 1858 series:" size zero second hand watch (lower) zero second hand watch series (Les Secondes Au Centre Retour-a-Zero) assembly two new R & D movement, to commemorate the 150 anniversary of the Anti China factory and special, also represents "study of watchmaking technology beauty Naihua high level" towards a new milestone. Through the sapphire crystal glass table back, can see the movement splint gold-plated Minerva Villeret (US resistant Huawei Lyle). Women’s elegant silhouette diamond watch silhouette dress elegant diamond watch to Star Diamond patent 43 surface cutting, showing the six pointed star of the perfect appearance. Pearl dial Fritillaria with a 0.1088 carat diamond as the central star, star like the wave of the 482 top Wesselton diamonds (1.824 carats), as has been extending outward to 18K white gold case and bracelet,, the effect of both mind and pleasing to the eye; form a star shaped diamond crown is 0.055 carats.