OMEGA 30 years ten classic constellation is the most famous

        OMEGA 30 years ten classic "constellation" is the most famous name, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,, sapphire watches

OMEGA 30 years ten classic "constellation" is the most famous www,

since the OMEGA brand to appear in early 1980 at Sotheby’s and Antiquorum auction since etc,, worthy of collection OMEGA auction prices are always rising in.

2007 April, the world watch enthusiasts are highly concerned about the topic Antiquorum auction OMEGA mania, each auction are as high as several times the price to beat out the valuation, an Asian collectors to 413700 Swiss francs price successfully photographed the platinum luxury constellation watches, this is the highest ever auction price of OMEGA watches. Daniel * Craig in "Casino Royale" 007 worn in hippocampal table, auction prices are at an astonishing 250250 Swiss francs.

OMEGA watches in recent 30 years, the most popular and frequently appeared in the international auction houses, often at a price. The auction, constellation series table section of OMEGA has been one of the most famous and popular, more than half of 1962 Swiss chronometer Certificate (50.5%) are awarded to the constellation series; and much attention has been paid to OMEGA pocket watch 15 of them extremely rare enamel watch most catch hold, they are designed for 1914 in Bern the Swiss National exposition held exclusive manufacturing, at present only two watch spread so far.

Some international

grade watch collectors have very enthusiasm for OMEGA, even some rise above the common herd but no OMEGA pocket watch movement named special are the most loving collection. For example, OMEGA 19 to grade DDR or 21 order movement (record Observatory table,, core diameter is only 47.7 mm), or very rare with Guillaume balance wheel hairspring and 23 gems. Some collectors intoxicated that a OMEGA in 1914, specifically for the Swiss National exposition held in Bourne made a very rare, precious enamel pocket watch, and the 1947 medal precious tourbillon watch.

both in the Vatican and in outer space, whether in the house or in the Olympic Games, but rich, celebrities gather, have OMEGA figure. Each OMEGA are the one and only attractive, let us to count and appreciation, thirty years OMEGA’s most popular list >

Mysterious mystery Breguet Tourbillon

        Breguet Tourbillon watches brand mysterious mystery, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watchesBreguet tourbillon

mysterious mystery

Breguet Tourbillon watch

Breguet Tourbillon watch

Breguet Tourbillon watch


Breguet Tourbillon watch

Tourbillon device of

floating in the air like, neither too fast nor too slow rotating; by a mechanical structure,, an instant into a wonderful work of art, this is the highest realm of wrist watch?

said the tourbillon, almost everyone will associate the Breguet Breguet invented because, in addition to master tourbillon, Tourbillon watches continued development, and structure refinement Tourbillon itself is the world give high evaluation of breguet. Tourbillon device belongs to the complex mechanical structure, flourish in between these years, but the original — Breguet, nature won’t be absent in this battle, and still maintain the leading.

Breguet introduction of new Classique 5335BR Tourbillon Messidor the mysterious Tourbillon watch,, this watch because the use of hollow out design and eccentric time display and the famous. In addition,, the most special place is, design techniques use mystical, lets the entire tourbillon device like a floating in the air.

The design techniques of

which originated from the mystery clock Mystery Clock, is a transparent crystal two pieces of thin, the above paste on the hour hand and the minute hand, by gear meshing, crystal edge and core rotates, the minute hand is like running in the sky of illusion.

The only

Breguet Tourbillon will use this technique in tourbillon device, the first piece of crystal glass in front of tourbillon device; second pieces of crystal glass is located at the bottom of Tourbillon framework, is also fixed the tourbillon device; third pieces of crystal glass, is located in the center of the tourbillon, tourbillon device (and throughout the in addition to balance the central axis outside), let the three pillar frame lock into a fixed. This piece of crystal glass periphery with teeth, and train five gear, when this piece of water >

Karen Mok and Movado MOVADO common interpretation of the art of time

        Karen Mok and MOVADO Movado common interpretation of "the art of time" brand watches, Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, watches Movado sapphire MOVADO announced, Asian famous singer and movie star Karen Mok formally joined the movado "the art of time" campaign spokesman ranks. The chairman of Mr  and chairman of Movado group; Efraim  Grinberg points out: "we are very pleased to be able to invite Karen Mok to become one of the movado ‘the art of time’ global advertising campaign spokesperson. Our activities just show Movado long-term on the arts appreciation and support,, the movado continue to uphold the promise interpret the unique style of traditional." Said her reasons for choice, Karen Mok and Movado cooperation: "as an artist,, Movado persistence of cultural activities, support, is very important to me, but it can also be just perfect fusion of watch design and product quality. I very much appreciate the watch design which is simple and stylish, cooperate fully with the image of me,, so I am confident that we will have a good cooperation relationship." Movado "the art of time" advertisement is the focus by the rich flavor of the black background of each watch, coupled with the extraordinary achievement voice in black and white portraits way of interpretation of the watch style. In addition to join the new spokesperson Karen Mok, there are international Salem Open tennis champion Sen Plath, Winton Marsalis and the Jazz wizards American ballet principal dancer Dvorovenko Irina .

Pei Nahai and the sea breath

        Panerai and sea common respiratory watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, long competition sapphire watches watch industry, long-standing. The various brands of "killing each other",, always the leading position for decades, merits does it is difficult to judge. But, was born in nineteenth Century in sixty, designed by an Italian, Swiss made watch Panerai, "Panerai" because of its absolute professional design and production of ideas and pursued numerous star, to become the industry a unique scenery. Perhaps, Pei Na Haitian born and ocean is closely related. The need to war originated Panerai, then Italy Royal Navy need a capable of coping with the deep-sea environment and can be absolutely accurate timer. But with its excellent waterproof design, Panerai substantially reduced on the chain leading moisture penetration case lock device and dial design easy to win the favor of the former one.     but this brand consumer oriented and more and more people remember is thirteen years ago. In addition to professional reputation, adding fuel to the flames of important reasons to make it move more exciting is the star effect. Star identification of a product as a major boost consumption significance. As a major Hollywood star’s favourite, "Panerai" watch is of utmost concern. Actor Hugh · Grant, Orlando bloom, Brad · · Peter and Hong Kong singer to coincide the handle on the Panerai table pushed before the cameras. A time of exposure brings acclaimed one wave. Now the "Panerai table" with fluorescent dial and waterproof case, mounted the title of special protection. The second is independent of its own. History and excellence Panerai table legend has caused the attention of the tough guy star Stallone. He once ordered 200. The Explorer Mike · Horn crossing the north pole on foot when the need for a can only fight in ultra low temperature watch, he chose the panerai. On the trek in the course of two months, his form has been working stably, the minute. After consumer oriented, Panerai in adhering to the original professional quality also launched the modern new,, plus a stylish coat after its marketing network is expanding. This from the sea as the sea the same brand because of its deep,, simple, reliable content became a successful brand.

09SIHH Ten Star Watch

        09SIHH Ten Star watches brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   in 2009 nineteenth session of Geneva International Salon of high-grade watches (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie,, SIHH) was held in Switzerland in January 19, 2009 -1 month 23 days. This is SIHH organized for the first time in January,, and the Basel watch and Jewellery Show time staggered lively. This year’s SIHH brings together 16 of the world’s top brand watches, together to show the top technology in the field of tabulation. The following is a selected paragraph 10 09 years SIHH the latest release of watches. (click to enter next page) are indispensable partner,, count Polo Tourbillon Relatif watch the count Polo Tourbillon Relatif watch navigators journey compass, is placed in the Piaget Polo Tourbillon Relatif watch dial, function is not the indicative range, but read time. Frame suspended floating Tourbillon in the minute hand terminal, and its running mechanism driven by mechanical dial under the complete separation. When the minute hand synchronous lead floating Tourbillon operation on the dial, with the central axis rotation center dial is responsible for the hours indicated. 18K white gold watch,, with enamel painting decorative 18K white gold case and dial, carrying the count made 608P manual winding Tourbillon mechanical movement core thickness of enamel painting decoration to the four corners of the world range time scale: 3.28 mm core thickness (including pointer): 9.14 mm core diameter: 11 1/2 method (about 25.60 mm) movement gem number: 27 stone movement frequency: 21600 times per hour wheel diameter: 7.75 mm power storage: about 70 hours (dual spring box) floating tourbillon device: the minute hand central axis in the dial, per hour as a unit to run a week, while the tourbillon framework is suspended in the minute hand terminal, with the framework to each axis minutes a week rotating Tourbillon framework: 3 titanium metal sheet bridges Tourbillon frame weight: 0.2 grams of movement decoration: "C? Te de Genè ve" Geneva corrugated Microhyla, machine plate using annular corrugated grinding table decoration, bridge and the framework uses chamfer processing modified Lan Gang screws, 18K white gold and blue enamel the bottom cover, engraved with the blue ship pattern 18K platinum folding clasp blue crocodile Leather strap and limited to 3 pieces, and engraved with the independent position of number three when case side depicts the ship port rudder modeling pattern crown nine position case side depicts the lighthouse is directing the sailing competition pattern

The limit speed and passion of the tag heuer

        limit the speed and passion of the TAG Heuer Watch Brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches it flashed in the GT racing engine inspiration, it inherited the Calera classic series of DNA,, it has full of passion dynamic cardiac CalibreRS automatic movement – the first equipped with rotary system indicators of mechanical watch, it is wise to excellent function to the traditional provocation, its luxury not publicity, it is the speed and passion produced in Switzerland’s symbolic TAG Heuer Grand-CARRERA! The famous F1 driver Lewis Hamilton (Lewis Hamilton) Grand CARRERA special DNA deconstruction TAG Heuer Grand CARRERA inspired by modern GT racing spirit. DNA genetic it since its birth in 1964 – Yakalaila classic series. The new battle TAG Heuer Grand CARRERA has rotation system with GT racing engine for inspiration, to replace the traditional pointer by the disc, more clearly display information on the dial. TAG Heuer CalibreRS movement contains a plurality of movement,, from the mechanical watch movement is the most simple and classic, to complex mechanical chronograph movement. Rotation system indicator that a user can easily read the small second hand, second time zones, timer, as if into the cockpit general quickly and stick out a mile to get the required information. TAG Heuer GrandCarrera_Cal7 Grand CARRERA racing passion since 1860, TAG Heuer has become the timing technology benchmarking, TAG Heuer is one of the most long-term contact with Swiss watch brand and racing. Legend TAG Heuer CARRERA series starting from the repair station and clearing of the circuit. It is still the continuation, to become one of the main driving force behind the brand today. Everything from the beginning of 1962, the tag heuer fourth generation descendant of the family Jack Heuer (Jack · tag heuer) as Sebring12 hour road race time officer,, he met two talented young riders: the Rodriguez brothers. They tells the story of a legendary event to him the most difficult: Highway CARRERA Mexico Pan American road racing professional racing world championship. He was immediately attracted by the name of Calera,, in his words, it is "dynamic, elegant, in any language can express clearly, also full of passion". In 1964, he launched the first under the name CARRERA watch. Since then, it has always been popular, is now one of the most representative series of TAG Heuer, the best-selling. TAG Heuer GrandCARRERA is a continuation of the CARRERA series, the CARRERA racing passion into the twenty-first Century, the infinite energy wild gallop in the life of the track!

CTime watches forum SQL sorting, comparing the two time

        SQL sequencing,, field CTIME two time two time release time,, UTIME modification time, if there is no change when the value of UTIME is empty how to write the SQL statement, in the first row of recent times,, if there is time to modify the CTIMEUTIME recently

SQL sorting, comparison of

two timeField CTIME

has two time release time, UTIME modification time, if there is no change when the value of UTIME is an empty finest watches for sale

how to write the SQL statement, in the first row of recent times, if the modification time in recent time CTIMEUTIME as recent time this record. finest watches for sale

CTime watches forum SQL sorting,, comparing the two time, I wrote finest watches for sale

CTime watches forum but it is the first row of the UTIME to CTIME line, all I want is to the nearest time CTIMEUTIME as the records to be sorted according to the finest watches for sale


how to write ah finest watches for sale

Rolex race with time

        Rolex: a race against time watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch antique table is being more and more collectors favorite, for its collection, is not only a nostalgia complex collection, or a history of art collection. Among the many brands, Rolex with its unique solemn,, practical, no significant exquisite design flashy,, deeper collectors favor.           in 1905, the German Hans · ring at the Astoria with the British Davies in London cooperation for the "B& W", "Rolex", this is the predecessor of the company. In 1908, ring at the Astoria in Switzerland La Schade Finn registered "Rolex" trademark, "B& W" which was changed to "Rolex".           they may never thought this name has now become one of the world’s top ten list. In 1914 1915, Rolex has issued by the Observatory’s accurate grade a certificate. And after 15 years, Rolex to accurate, strict testing has been in a leading position.           1955 Rolex watches invention of the pilot, so that people in different time zones accurate time measurement. The same year, Rolex developed for deep-sea divers diving tables available, which reached 100 meters water depth.           Rolex professional watches at present mainly in the following categories: Explorer II (EXPLORER II), 24 hours with red auxiliary needle, in order to facilitate the adventurers distinguish night and day; submariner (SUBMARINER), waterproof to a depth of more than 300 meters; yacht master type (YACHTMASTER), a rotate the outer ring,, convenient calculation time; Greenwich type II (GMTMASTER II), the rotating outer ring and 24 hour pointer, not only display the time in two time zones, it can be moved to another time zone clock independently,, without moving the minute hand and second hand; cosmic plan (COSMOGRAPH), is a multifunctional watch, can satisfy the engineering, sports and business needs. Each has its own unique charm. Now, wearing the watch, a lot of the time is not only for the time, more of the time is a kind of fashion, symbol is a kind of identity.           in the last century, the era of mechanical watches, Rolex has been a leader in the global watch industry. Today, outstanding craftsmanship and technology still makes Rolex watches maintained the status of industry leaders.  

The rich like most Watch

        the rich like most watch watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches the financial weekly newspaper editing rich selection of watches not only the production of sophisticated, and beautiful appearance, most of these watches from switzerland. Patek Philippe PATEK PHILIPPE ranked first in the world of watches. The production of the Patek Philippe factory was built in 1839. Each table has an average retail price of $13000 to $20000. They are one of the truly independent watchmakers of Switzerland only, are beginning to the end of their production,, training of a PATEK PHILIPPE (Patek Philippe) watchmaking division takes 10 years time. A large number of customers of Patek Philippe, including many renowned figures,, including Queen Victoria, Tchaikovsky and Einstein. Vacheron Constantin VACHERON CONSTANTIN Vacheron Constantin was founded in 1755, the world’s oldest watch manufacturer, is one of the world’s most famous watch factory. Vacheron Constantin has a long history of many of the classic visteon. But, "the smallest volume, the best quality, the highest price" has been Vacheron Constantin’s business strategy. Today, the Vacheron Constantin factory in Geneva, the annual output is only 6000 meters. Since 1840, production drawings, records, the date of sale and the movement information such as case numbers each watch, are preserved intact in the company’s filing cabinets. Jaeger Le Coulter Jaeger-Lecoultre Jaeger Le Coulter is a typical Swiss watch brands. The company was founded in 1833, Jaeger Le Coulter has numerous patents, and made great contributions to the development of the world watches. The mechanism of production of Jaeger Le Coulter’s extremely diverse, there is little movement output type watch company. Especially in the high-grade core of this one, some other brands of high-end watches as the sales volume is very small, so the movement production itself is low, movement will use Jaeger Le Coulter production. Wan Guobiao IWC Schafhausen of Switzerland was founded in 1868 the IWC "mechanical table experts" say, each Wanguo watch has 28 independent test. Is the founder of American florentine. Jones (Florentine A Jones). At the beginning of twentieth Century, table des Nations in Germany,, Austria and other places increase sales. Now, the table has more than 700 sales around the world, products are mainly exported to the Far East, Switzerland and germany. Currently under the Swiss richemont. Wan Guobiao is known as "high-end watches engineers", specializes in the manufacture of men’s watch. Breguet 1775,, A. Louis. Bao Ji (A. Louis Breguet) founded the Bao Ji this brand. The universally acknowledged horological history classic characters first development of this brand in Paris, to switzerland. Breguet watches by the Royal favor, the French king Louis Jula and Queen Marie Chi are respected. Balzac, Pushkin, Alexandre Dumas, Hugo and other writers’ works are also mentioned breguet. The count.

Rolex growth course

        Rolex growth course watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches,, the history of the development of sapphire watches Rolex and its founder Hans · Wilsdorf (Hans Wilsdorf) name closely. Born in 1881 in the city of Bavaria,, has been involved in international business when he was young. At the beginning of cultured pearl business, 19 year old La Schade Finn (La Chaux-de-Fonds) in Switzerland, watches as a specialized export manufacturing plant as agent. In 1905, he set up his own business, called "Wilsdorf and David" (Wilsdorf and Davis), is a company mainly responsible for sales of watches, but he also R & D made watch. On July 2, 1908 morning 8 when, Rolex (Rolex) officially registered trademarks. The first Rolex because of its technical quality high and immediate attention. A small Rolex in 1914 by the Observatory (Kew Observatory) class a certificate, which is the highest evaluation England this famous Observatory never issued. It has been acknowledged, it is a worldwide event, the watch in Europe and USA suddenly worth double. Since then, Rolex quality represents the exact. The first war Rolex moved back to Geneva, in the promotion of Rolex company founder, continuous innovation, create, perfect oneself. Research direction: there are two waterproof and automatic. In 1926, the first waterproof, dustproof table has finally come out, this is the famous "Ho" (Oyster) type table. The economic crisis of 1929 against Switzerland, but Rolex is not affected. It invented an automatic mixing mechanism in this period, created later become fashionable for a time "perpetual motion" (Perpetual) type table. This automatic table has a pendulum, before the watch never used,, it gives the watch industry has brought a revolution, it is the pioneer of all automatic table at. In 1945, Rolex also produced with date table, and can indicate the date and week table in 26 languages. Andre · Rolex Henig carry forward in today’s world renowned the altar table, and Andre · (Andre J. Heiniger); heinie inspiration and enthusiasm inseparable. Henig was born in 1921 from Xia Defen, Hans · Wilsdorf the first time I saw him, he had a full trust and sincere respect for him. The two of them love and human contact, the pursuit of perfection. In 1948 Wilsdorf invited Henig joined Rolex to work. He spent six years working in Buenos Aires, responsible for the development of the South American market. Returned to Geneva in 1955, was promoted to the Rolex board member, 1964 replaced Wilsdorf as general manager of Rolex company. He faithfully inherited Rolex founder career.