Vacheron Constantin base and workshop

        Vacheron Constantin and workshop according to the Swiss watch brand, brand watches,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches Vacheron Constantin to cooperate with the development in the future, decided to reorganize the scattered in business all over Geneva, so special in 2001 held a design competition of international construction, and finally by birth in the Swiss French city planning and architect Bernard Tschumi to win. The work of building the Vacheron Constantin headquarters and after 18 months of intense construction, Vacheron Constantin has moved to Plan-les-Ouates headquarters is located in Geneva in August 9, 2004. The history of this was founded in 1755, the oldest watch brand, establish a new milepost. Headquarters and factory building, brand new and will combine administrative and production departments, provide the most perfect work environment for about 170 employees, continue to carry forward the Vacheron Constantin professional and perfect spirit. Design of the Vacheron Constantin headquarters of bold innovation, condensed a symbol of vitality and eternal. The design concept from the headquarters building envelope, metal shell at the top represents the time dynamic,, and concrete supporting structure below represents the everlasting. Adequate lighting and spacious interior space, emphasized the liquidity and transparency, so that different department personnel exchanges can more smoothly. This is Vacheron Constantin adhere to originality and quality commitment. Vacheron Constantin as one of the few senior watch brand, currently owned can be matched with the corporate philosophy of supporting facilities. Vacheron Constantin is located in the Le Sentier workshop Jurassic Luoshan district (Vallé e de Joux) in Switzerland, 50 km north of Geneva, adjacent to France, around the lake surrounded by forest, natural beauty and is well protected. More than two centuries ago, Jurassic Luoshan district has been a cradle of senior movement watches. As many more famous Swiss watch brand production base. Vacheron Constantin is located in the Jura Mountains and decoration processing workshops dedicated to the core R & D, movement parts. Currently located in the Le Sentier workshop has about 70 employees, in order to match the brand development goals, the number of staff is expected to increase to 100 people. Vacheron Constantin Quai de l ‘Ile brand flagship stores, the headquarters of Vacheron Constantin’s headquarters site site is located in downtown Geneva Saint-Gervais heartland, development since 1755 250 years continued to dominate the watch industry! Soon,, Vacheron Constantin also set up a number of watchmaker workshop in the area, the last in 1875,, moved to the Quai de l ‘Ile. The building design more in the brand founder nephew Jean-Franç supervision OIS Constantin, who designed Geneva Grand Theatre "by Grand Thé â tre de Genè ve" architect Jacques Elys&.

Beijing Olympic Series Limited Edition watch OMEGA

        Beijing Olympic Series Limited Edition watch brand OMEGA watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches,, sapphire watch   OMEGA launched the first "Beijing Olympic Series" is the classic constellation series of limited watches for men and women. As everyone knows, OMEGA constellation series is one of the world’s best-selling watches watchcase, unique four claw supporting design is the OMEGA constellation series of classic style, won the global watch lovers.       this new constellation watch series, the OMEGA six is a limited edition of "Beijing Olympic Series" in the first. All the limited edition watch with special gift and are accompanied by the certificate, each watch on the surface were cast with the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games official logo, valuable for collection.       red (second paragraph ends with the Olympic rings)       this constellation female limited wrist watch equipped with 18K gold, red gold, gold steel or red steel eight kinds of styles, case diameter is 22.5MM, surface glossy white pearl shell assembly, 10 to 2 five an hour scale from left to right respectively, topaz,, sapphire inlaid diamond, emerald and ruby, on behalf of the Olympic rings colors; the rest of the hour scale position with dazzling white diamond.         gold steel     at the same time launched constellation Mens watch also has 18K gold, red gold, gold steel or red steel eight kinds of styles, automatic chain Observatory movement device; case diameter is 35.5mm, the second end with Olympic five rings, and dial below star emblem logo more scattering out of the sun ray fine grinding glossy texture.       Chinese seen "8" as a lucky number, therefore, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will be opened in August 8, 2008. OMEGA launched the "Beijing Olympic Series" each constellation watches, are a limited sale of 888 or 2008. The remaining five limited series launch date also and "8" related: second to fifth limited series will respectively in the opening of the Olympic Games before 288 days, 188 days, 88 days and 8 days to launch; and finally a series, will be in Beijing during the Olympic Games (17 days), every day to launch a limited edition of 88 watch.       OMEGA constellation series charm swept the world: the former Soviet Union in eighth as the general secretary of the central Gorbachev (Mikhail Gorbachev) often wear watches constellation series; in 1995,, the constellation, become an international supermodel "Cindy · Crawford’s choice" (Cindy rawford s Choice ‘),, more make the famous Hollywood star Nicole; · Kidman (Nicole Kidman) and golf star Garcia (Sergio.

Louis Weedon LV group in Beijing a watch price 1700000

        Louis Weedon LV group in Beijing to a price of 1700000 watches brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches,, sapphire watches "in China shop can certainly profit." As the chief brand global luxury goods industry leader LVMH group under the trader, global general manager Louis Weedon Serge of Beijing’s high-end consumption ability is no doubt, he said, just could not find more suitable for the top consumer group environment.   last Friday, in order to give Louis Weedon (Louis  Vuitton) in Beijing flagship store opening support, many major suit star — Liu Xiang, Zhao Wei, Xu Jinglei, Zhang Yimou and others gathered in China World Trade Center, wearing this brand of clothing, leather shoes at. Although the most expensive in the shop a watch price is as high as 1700000 yuan, but the top luxury brand to attract customers star is this kind of high-end, so at the ceremony, Serge said confidently,   the Beijing store opened a profitable, this is without a doubt. "China is LV’s largest market, second only to Japan," global general manager Louis Weedon told reporters, in Paris Asian customers,, Chinese accounted for nearly half of the current sales situation, "Chinese market is very good,, even beyond the like to all of us. But Chinese consumers in foreign purchases compared,, domestic sales accounted for only half. This only shows that we in the China sales network has not fully developed." 50000 yuan 1000000 yuan necklace, purse, 1700000 yuan can be for people to watch the replacement material…… Such a high price can be accepted by consumers in Beijing? Serge said, Beijing has numerous celebrities, business celebrities and high grade of consumers, it should soon be able to enter the profit condition.

The count’s top jewelry gold watch noble appearance

        to perfect display count gold watch and jewelry and watch beautiful works, press conference on the same day invited sweet appearance temperament and supermodel Xu Ning interpretation of the unique jewelry and watch design. Xu Ning Earl create romantic Royal Garden scene,

              to perfect display count gold watch and jewelry and watch beautiful works, press conference on the same day invited exterior sweet temperament and supermodel Xu Ning deductive count unique jewelry and watch design. Xu Ning Earl create romantic royal garden scene, with graceful shape, wear the count with Haute Couture bow for the jewelry design inspiration, wrist border more wearing studded with nearly five hundred diamonds,, as if the mermaid elegant body jewelry watches, like wandering in the royal garden the princess dream. Xu Ning white transparent tender skin with shining jewels, refined extraordinary temperament show count creation incomparable top style. Replica watches for sale

              no one can imagine the secrets of gold flow like water in the jewelry creativity,, creative top gold jewelry brand in the world natural and exquisite count drip of life inspiration. The ferris wheel shape on behalf of Paris circulation romantic life; senior Book bow shape sexy unique uniforms; even the jazz music can also be black glue disc shape by Earl jewelry creation appear in women’s ears and collar unique taste. Replica watches for sale

              in the jewelry creation, Piaget every year a self movement,, create exquisite mechanical watch is always count a hundred years brand strength, with rectangular Tourbillon the world’s thinnest 600 movement watches and count exclusive home-made top Chronograph Automatic timing table 880 movement, to drill encrusted watchcase,, count only perfectly combined the jewelry inlaid method and creative, highlight the building complex functional movement extraordinary tabulation skill, will design a mechanical watch to another magnificent realm. Replica watches for sale

Breguet Tourbillon Watch

        Breguet Tourbillon watches brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch Breguet (  Breguet) the art and culture of Europe, created many classic treasure,, despising the altar table. Breguet table (Breguet) was established to date, with innovative design and invention, many including: tourbillon, spring time, timepiece shockproof device, single pointer table, touching the table, set the standard for the entire senior watch industry. Bao Ji (Breguet) clock works, without one not to reflect the top-level tabulation process is modeled, let people appreciate watch the beauty of art at the same time, the connotation of the humanistic spirit of a glimpse of Bao Ji.       Tourbillon No.1188 Tourbillon pocket watch positive       Tourbillon No.1188 Tourbillon pocket watch movement           No.1188 Tourbillon watch Breguet (Breguet) is one of the most amazing works. This piece by Breguet master hand crafted third Tourbillon watch Tourbillon pocket watch, is currently the world’s oldest dates. Breguet master he only made 35 Tourbillon table, the number of rare, this No.1188 Tourbillon pocket watch is not only precious and indicative of the memorial significance. And display focus watches — Classique1808 in 2008 Basel Watch Fair in Switzerland, is a continuation of the design of Breguet Tourbillon watch more than 200 years, and No.1188 Tourbillon pocket watch the common interpretation of the flow of time. Two Tourbillon watch, mutual reflect, the interpretation of the eternal classic quenched from the time.         Classique 1808 Grande Complication           represents the tourbillon device one of the immortal invention Breguet Breguet (Breguet), in order to win the modern watchmaking ancestor status. Breguet Tourbillon master invention,, is to influence the correction of gravity caused by the clock. Breguet master came up with a way to reduce the influence of gravity balance wheel running device, to increase the accuracy of watches, the device in June 26, 1801, by the French Interior Minister awarded Tourbillon patents, and the invention is named "tourbillon" (Tourbillon). French Tourbillon "whirlpool" in Italy, Tourbillon is a combination of transliteration and free translation. Principle of Breguet tourbillon, is the balance wheel hairspring,, escapement wheel, etc., Ma Chai,, splints, fixed in a frame, around the axis of the balance wheel to do a 360 degree rotation, so that the entire balance and escapement device along the coaxial rotation per minute at a time, with action timing rotation cuts watch.

The limit speed and passion of the tag heuer

        limit the speed and passion of the TAG Heuer Watch Brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches it flashed in the GT racing engine inspiration, it inherited the Calera classic series of DNA,, it has full of passion dynamic cardiac CalibreRS automatic movement – the first equipped with rotary system indicators of mechanical watch, it is wise to excellent function to the traditional provocation, its luxury not publicity, it is the speed and passion produced in Switzerland’s symbolic TAG Heuer Grand-CARRERA! The famous F1 driver Lewis Hamilton (Lewis Hamilton) Grand CARRERA special DNA deconstruction TAG Heuer Grand CARRERA inspired by modern GT racing spirit. DNA genetic it since its birth in 1964 – Yakalaila classic series. The new battle TAG Heuer Grand CARRERA has rotation system with GT racing engine for inspiration, to replace the traditional pointer by the disc, more clearly display information on the dial. TAG Heuer CalibreRS movement contains a plurality of movement,, from the mechanical watch movement is the most simple and classic, to complex mechanical chronograph movement. Rotation system indicator that a user can easily read the small second hand, second time zones, timer, as if into the cockpit general quickly and stick out a mile to get the required information. TAG Heuer GrandCarrera_Cal7 Grand CARRERA racing passion since 1860, TAG Heuer has become the timing technology benchmarking, TAG Heuer is one of the most long-term contact with Swiss watch brand and racing. Legend TAG Heuer CARRERA series starting from the repair station and clearing of the circuit. It is still the continuation, to become one of the main driving force behind the brand today. Everything from the beginning of 1962, the tag heuer fourth generation descendant of the family Jack Heuer (Jack · tag heuer) as Sebring12 hour road race time officer,, he met two talented young riders: the Rodriguez brothers. They tells the story of a legendary event to him the most difficult: Highway CARRERA Mexico Pan American road racing professional racing world championship. He was immediately attracted by the name of Calera,, in his words, it is "dynamic, elegant, in any language can express clearly, also full of passion". In 1964, he launched the first under the name CARRERA watch. Since then, it has always been popular, is now one of the most representative series of TAG Heuer, the best-selling. TAG Heuer GrandCARRERA is a continuation of the CARRERA series, the CARRERA racing passion into the twenty-first Century, the infinite energy wild gallop in the life of the track!

Louis Cartire round watch the microscopic world perfect

        Louis · Cartire round watch perfect micro world brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches legend in the ancient China in world, it is a call "chaos" of the "Circular" shape object, then, human ancestor Pangu "chaos" One divides into two. to split, separated from heaven and earth, which form our present world. Although no one knows the legend is true or false,, but "circle" is indeed like a riddle of the universe: the sun, the moon, the earth, all with a round shape, regardless of rotation, revolution, also never deviate from the circular trajectory, it is this "circle" the movement had a tremendous energy, that life is born and the continuation of. Similarly,, in the nature, round also omnipresent: trees with circular rings, birds to build a circular nest, flowers with rounded fruit, swinging round wave ripples, even the four seasons, like a circle so move in circles, Chun Xiaqiu winter never change. In all geometries, the circle is a perfect representative of. Always in the middle circle, circle distance between any two must be equal. Therefore, since ancient times, people is so revered "circle", because it symbolizes the eternal law go round and begin again, life and growth in nature of the universe. In China, circle is always represents a good choice, satisfactory and lucky. In China building, technology, painting, drama and other arts, can be found in the "Circular" for the United States. In the world watch leader Cartire (CARTIER) launched the latest "Louis · Cartire wrist watch in the round", we can see the perfect. Although the classic Rome digital plus Arabia digital twenty-four hours radiate pure French style, but the harmony of the other, but very much in line with the pursuit of aesthetic Chinese "satisfactory", let us not associated with numerous and "circle" the beautiful picture. In the elegant round case, and circular gear delicate rotation in diligently, leading the delicate pointer, rotate continuously in the round white dial. The watch, as if is a perfect microcosm, each component as the sun and moon and stars, extremely precise to rotation and revolution; and as the universe, according to its own rhythm cycle reciprocating, the "Circular" for the trajectory and the external universe has a resonance, as a kind of magic magic,, link between nature and human, create a valuable time. Recognizing this, like wearing watch meaning is no longer the same, because, we have our own universe, we are the world. Louis · Cartire round watch pure flawless, low-key calm, has a profound cultural background, strong brand has become a huge attraction,, irresistible.

Limited Tourbillon Moon spring listed

        to Fiyta Tourbillon "new moon" love. It is the first time on the occasion of the new year in Changsha Li Chen. When the popularity of small Li Chen last shot "Tangshan earthquake", "Mount Lu" and other films, 2010, this year will be in the movie version of "Fen Lu Tao




recently Li Chen appeared in Changsha Station Road friendship Appollo mall, on Fiyta Tourbillon "new moon" love. It is the first time on the occasion of the new year in Changsha Li Chen. When the popularity of small Li Chen last shot "Tangshan earthquake", "Mount Lu" and other films, 2010, this year will be in the movie version of "struggle" the Lu Tao Li metamorphosis. Look, Li Chen is not only loved the movie, but also love watches. It is reported,, Li Chen listed is a Fiyta "shoot for the series of" tourbillon watches,, Fiyta is another masterpiece in the field of high-end tabulation, Fiyta is also the first released in Changsha tourbillon products. Needless to say,, this product will also shine in this year’s Basel watch fair. No fake sutt

the man watch, watch to see tourbillon No fake sutt

"now Tourbillon watches dynamic aesthetic deduction into an art beauty and enjoyment." General manager of Fiyta’s sales department Du Xi said. As the world watches the top skills the Pearl on the crown,, Tourbillon watch has long been known as the "table of the king", the top watch brands have launched Tourbillon wrist for explicit brand strength. Because the tourbillon table complex process, need to master clocks fine hand built, most Tourbillon product cost. Tourbillon watches in the "tourbillon cage frame" and is made up of 72 fine components, weighs less than 0.3 grams, equivalent to only one swan feather weight, on behalf of the highest level in the manufacturing process of machinery. No fake sutt

2007 years, Fiyta has launched many international influence of industry products, innovative interpretation of the watch industry high-end skills. Among them, Hou Yi the God bow tourbillon, tourbillon, Tourbillon flip square and watch as the award-winning, respectively won Chinese Innovation Design Red Star Award, CIDF gold. Dedicated to high-end technology, Moon Series Tourbillon is a manifestation of this philosophy of watchmaking. No fake sutt

moon Tourbillon with poetic reverie: No fake sutt

series "moon Tourbillon watch, in itself represents the constant pursuit and enterprising spirit and realm. This year is the year of the rabbit, new products is the language belt related — moon become a great man, expressed constantly in pursuit of scientific creative vision." Li Chen when accepting a reporter to interview at the scene said. Now the domestic aerospace engineering has made a major breakthrough, the moon is not a dream, "Chang E" myth has let technology to cash, this year will be >

Really force do a shining woman [Photos]

        really force do a shining woman [Photos] watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watches after Baby Doll series and Queen of Love sweet love series obtained great success in the global market, it forces launched a new 07 Glam Rock "charm" watch, emitting charming woman. She is the city female tailor-made independent assertive, once again confirms the zenith brand spirit: Creative bold, exquisite workmanship, the fashion and the perfect fusion of eternal value. Star Elite watches with automatic winding movement Elite 68 thin, the nine o’clock position of second, 37.5 mm diameter case, to create a simple and generous, elegant and smart watch. Diamond is endowed with 07 Glam Rock charm series glittering charm. Digital dial inlaid with 12 pieces of rare black diamond and 15 delicate white diamond, 11 fragments of stars such as the Milky Way flowing. Black and white dial is timeless color tag. Black, like the night sky, deep and serene. Silver, such as glare during the day, casts a thousand beams. Table circle diamond ornament is also an Heartbeat. Each white diamond is surrounded by 2 black diamonds, 2.5 carat total weight. Luxury ecru, with elegant low-key way blooming quietly. Case back, sapphire glass, really force automatic mechanical movement from the diamond light was born, the traditional value top Swiss watch manufacturer in view of all the dripping wet. Glam Rock series luxury charm, the star of "masterpiece,, a Cliffide Flower really force. Reward yourself, keep the bright brilliance,, dedicated to advocating freedom, control the wisdom of Royal women. For half a century, the Swiss watch manufacturer to develop a "double insurance" system of the acronym "DS" has become the certina watch worth trust mark. Now, Himalaya new generation with the quality characteristics and in 1960 published the first generation DS watch the same rigorous. The classical motion style is remarkable, vaguely Xuandong "callback" inspiration and design simple, fashionable to this new automatic table shine. The performance of its unique style will allow connoisseurs of all precision watches are difficult to resist the temptation.

Mido introduced new Commander series woman drill table (Figure)

        Mido introduced new Commander series woman drill table (Figure) watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watches 50 years enduring Commander series, its stunning appearance design made it become the Swiss watchmaking industry classic styles. MIDO Mido launched a new Commander ladies watch, show the approximate thousands fire star Yang bright light, for women to create elegant luxury and bright light. To celebrate the fifty anniversary of the legendary Commander series, MIDO Mido decided to design the series table section for women. Surface design of 37mm evolution of classic Commander series of traditional, perfect with female Shi like to wear large surface watch style. MIDO Mido Commander series Ladies Diamond Watch Case: stainless steel table diameter: 37 mm function: when, divided, week, date display, the 12 time Wessel Don (Wesselton) color diamond movement: ETA 2836-2 automatic winding machine, INCABLOC and NIVACOURBE shockproof device kinetic energy: 40 small power storage: hesalite waterproof mirror: mirror glass 30 meters,, Aquadura cork crown waterproof sealed system: crocodile leather strap pressure Commander series Ladies Watch grain calfskin leather strap with stainless steel buckle new features to the unique soft halo of mother of pearl dial, dial time clever collocation 12 Wessel Don (Wesselton) color diamonds are renowned light, more to polishing pointer and front engraved writing MIDO, create a pleasing retro style. Three o’clock dial direction settlement date and week display window. Commander Lady Diamonds series Ladies Diamond Watch is very pure,, streamline form simple as one of Commander series fifty years popular characteristics, standard draw women’s elegance, perfect and fashion ideas. Crown skillfully and streamline appearance together, angle polishing pointer clever and not conflict with round dial and strap in perfect harmony. This series of white and black leather strap, with stainless steel buckle.