Twenty 4 Patek Philippe watch, show the woman taste (map)

        Twenty 4 Patek Philippe watch, show the woman taste (map) watch brand,Dior Watches, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, watch this series from the sapphire arch Gondolo watchcase, table ring with stepped. Tables are encrusted with diamonds, with smooth stainless steel watch Lian, connecting engraved Calatrava Culler Zhuo Hua star cross folding buckle. The strap of each link to arc design, by minor school, hand type suitable for any size. Especially fine is inlaid with two rows of 18 stars and 1.5 mm in diameter, top Wesselton net drilling (about 0.45 calories). The ultrathin Calibre E.15 is the latest generation of Patek Philippe design quartz movement, quartz and mechanical parts are embedded in the barrel type main machine core plate, and movement within the folder Panchiao and cutting are inscribed on the "Cô tes de Genè VA" pattern, the gold surface carved with floral and Culler Zhuo Hua star cross, covering electronics line version. Like other Patek Philippe mechanical watch, quartz watch each Patek Philippe were allocated numbers unique movement. Twenty~4 series of design material: stainless steel movement: quartz movement function: when Cal. E.15, display dial: bezel,, veliger are inlaid diamonds mirror: sapphire crystal table size: 30 x 25mm waterproof: 30 m Twenty~4® after the launch of the new style series, repeated records also add different table body size for selection. So far, the series from the original steel diamond and 18K rose gold or platinum styles,BELL & ROSS WATCHES, Haute Joaillerie series to amazing. Satin strap with Haute Joaillerie series,cheap canada goose outlet, its unique silk cloth material, soft and comfortable, give valuable watch adds the unspeakable sense and charm, showed strong female taste, case on the two row diamond, make the table body ceremony; design of two stepped side, deepening the micro geometry of arch and the feeling of rectangular case, one of the characteristics of the art deco style.

Geneva watches awards ceremony senior watches through the crisis

        at the end of the year, all kinds of professional watch magazine’s annual watch selection have been published. Recently, Geneva haute Horlogerie awards ceremony was held in the Geneva grand theater. This year is the ninth degree holding Geneva haute Horlogerie awards, is the Swiss watch industry’s most prestigious tableAt the end of

, all kinds of professional watch magazine’s annual watch selection have been published. Recently, Geneva haute Horlogerie awards ceremony was held in the Geneva grand theater. This year is the ninth degree holding Geneva haute Horlogerie awards,, is the Swiss watch industry’s most prestigious honor the altar table, there were 362 entries watch this year,, fire scene.

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer

, the Swiss Watch Industry Association (FH) the latest data show that the impact of the economic downturn, in October the Swiss watch exports fell by 22.7% to 1300000000 Swiss francs over the same period last year, making the past ten month decline remained at 25.5%, it is no wonder that many conservative design classic "tsunami table" came into being at the beginning of this year. But the Swiss watch brand this year with the launch of the new, there are still many challenges the limit the movement style, bold avant-garde design, breakthrough technology innovation, and luxury all drilling watches on display eighteen inverse crisis, like Wu Yi, to greet the arrival of 2010 with a positive attitude.

recently, TAG Heuer (Tag Heuer) announced that its most audacious, timing accuracy of one percent seconds of mechanical chronograph Monaco V4 officially listed for sale, priced at 650000 yuan, the world’s only sold 150 pieces, to commemorate the 150 anniversary of the tag heuer. As a concept table, Monaco V4 awards, including Geneva haute Horlogerie Awards Best Design Award, "Wallpaper", "the best watch", "Popular Science" "the best new product". V4 before the birth of modern mechanical watches have any complex function is usually used with "traditional" watch parts, the V4 design team will be those principles aside, they pioneered the use of belt drive device successfully replace the traditional mechanical watches in the small gear and gear shaft. This is the type of belt drive watch industry miracle,, entirely by hand crafted, is the mechanical movement dynamics and create a new mode of thinking, whether to be a commercial success, still need time to give the answer.


LANGE ZEITWERK in Geneva Langer’s haute Horlogerie awards ceremony was awarded the "L` Aiguille d`Or&quot,; (golden hands award). Full mechanical jump word type in hours and minutes show with the inchworm type >

Bai Shangwen Vacheron Constantin need patience in Chinese

        Bai culture: Vacheron Constantin need patience to watch brand in the China, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches,, sapphire watch   as Vacheron Constantin Asia Pacific managing director Bai Shangwen face reporters for the primary strategy of Vacheron Constantin in China is what questions, blink replied, with a sly smile: "patience, for an open less than 30 years, has a population of 1300000000 and annual economic growth of more than 8% countries, the growth in demand for luxury goods is a very long process, traditional luxury companies need patience, likewise, Vacheron Constantin also need patience."           although Vacheron Constantin (VACHERON  CONSTANTIN) recognized was created in 1755, but Vacheron Constantin really in a brand identity, or in the rich experience and be full of go businessman Feilangsuowa · Constantine joined the company in 1819 after the establishment of the.         Vacheron Constantin China translation, allegedly Shanghai local dialect for "Constantine" brand in the latter part of transliteration, transliteration effect in today although it sounds very not ideal, but nearly a hundred years of the passage of time has become the final result. This seems more in line with the Bai Shangwen repeatedly stressed that Vacheron Constantin — one of the characteristics of respecting history.         during the interview, Bai Shangwen told reporters, since 1840,, when Vacheron Constantin watch the production drawings, records, the date of sale and the movement information such as case numbers, will be preserved intact in the company’s file cabinet. This among them, including the 1860 Chinese emperor Xianfeng ordered a blue enamel decorative pocket watch.         "Vacheron Constantin seeks not only fashion, is forever." History often gives the luxury of intangible value more, the continuation of such as family culture and emotion. It is reported that Bai Shangwen had a gathering in Beijing met a wearing Vacheron Constantin antique table young man. Bai Shangwen curiously approached asked young man watches are the proceeds from the auction or buy in the secondary market. The young man answered and said, this is his grandfather, passed it to his father, his father passed on to him. In this way, the wrist luxury became the continuation of the family history heritage and emotion.         Vacheron Constantin currently has the mechanical watch technology complex world most, this point,, it can be inferred from its 2005 250 anniversary list Tour  de  to be reflected in the l’Ile. Tour  de  l’Ile table unique combination of complexity and astronomical function watch, a total of sixteen different characteristics: three minute repeater, sunset time display, calendar function.

Free watch of the new interpretation

        new Emmy ingenuity series of hollow watch with sapphire crystal mirror, more clearly show its rich connotation. Innovation is firstly reflected in design to the ML 134 movement discrete: tantalum metal color polished PVD plywood, made of black PVD coated screws, ruby and gold plating gear


        new Emmy ingenuity series of hollow watch with sapphire crystal mirror,, more clearly show its rich connotation. Innovation is firstly reflected in design to the ML 134 movement of discrete tantalum metal color polished PVD plywood,, made of black PVD coated screws,, ruby and gold plating gear carefully embedded. Design style dial and case will also full of modern flavor incisively. Body contour features fresh, vibrant,, carefully polished parts and its echoes of the polishing watchcase are from the Le Meridien brand their own manufacturing plant. Sapphire crystal surface scale distribution of black PVD coated Ti time scale and small second hand and small seconds disc. All of these elements in the whole table black PVD coated style Burwell, highlights the design of modern, elegant, superior.

Vacheron Constantin Egerie series (Figure)

        Vacheron Constantin Egerie series (map) watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch   Vacheron Constantin Egerie series         Hall watch brand Vacheron Constantin has just launched Egerie series,, specifically to have been among the salute leadership, age of women in social contribution and positive work.         in Rome mythology, fairy Egerie rules fertility and beginnings, is shrewd adviser inspiration and politicians in the art world of the. Little Egerie is symbolic of women in the new century real side,, they have the courage to show personal confidence, build distinctive image in the information world.         therefore, the Vacheron Constantin watch works,, whether it is polished meticulous very bezel, studded with dazzling diamond table, decorated with wavy lines machine logo engraved dial,, all bright and brilliant, with 1202 quartz movement, prowess, give a person a kind of eternal beauty.

Jaeger Le Coulter Watch watches the first

        Jaeger Le Coulter watches: the first watches brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watches

recently,, USA Luxury Association survey America rich people in the eyes of the luxury watch brand, respondents based on stable excellent quality,, unique style, promote social status criteria for scoring, the results,, Jaeger Le Coulter (jaeger-Le-Coultre) to obtain the high score of 78 points, is recognized as the first to win other watches, shake the 27 brands in the world, and we are familiar with the Rolex only behind.

OMEGA watches prices

        price watch brand OMEGA watches,, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches,, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches

OMEGA watches price sevenfriday watch replica

watch providing price information website updated: http://www.tendweb,

(OMEGA) in hippocampus Claymore automatic machinery professional diving watches the member price: 2880 yuan
OMEGA constellation series square multifunctional chronograph watch member price: 360 yuan
OMEGA tieba Richie Ren back through the automatic mechanical watches the member price: $360 sevenfriday watch replica


(OMEGA) in the hippocampus of the American Cup Sailing Competition professional chronograph watch member price: 380 yuan

(OMEGA) in the hippocampus of 007 four pin GMT automatic mechanical watches the member price: 2880 yuan


07 new watches big search

        07 new large search watch brand watches,, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch     diamond, platinum, rose gold…… Recently, the reporter learned from the multi-channel, released in recent major watch factory new watch, jewelry, precious metals has become a popular trend, this season’s here, let us have a look — –         1 (BREGUET), Breguet classic series (Classique) gold watch model: 5197BA/15/986 characteristics: 591A automatic winding mechanical movement, movement with double barrel, and the use of silicone components a full set of "" (silicon is non-magnetic material, ensure that the movement is not affected by the magnetic field and pulse interference. Silicon balance wheel hairspring without central curve,, variable pitch and section, and visceral integration hairspring. Watchmaker to design new silicon balance wheel hairspring, must overcome the determined temperature coefficient of challenge, let watch at any temperature keeps stable operation. 18K gold watchcase, sapphire crystal glass table mirror. 6 point to the calendar display window. Guilloche dial, Rome digital scale. Brown alligator strap.         case size: 35.5 (mm),, the reference of the market retail price: 209500 yuan.         2 (BREGUET), Breguet marine (Marine) rose gold wrist watch type         No.: 5817BE/Z2/5V8 features: automatic winding mechanical movement, gem ocular axis 35, 65 hours dynamic storage. 18K rose gold watchcase, sapphire crystal glass table mirror. Black guilloche dial, luminous hands and Rome digital scale. 6 point to big calendar display window. Water resistant to 100 meters. Surface is the wave pattern decoration. Black rubber strap with 18K rose gold clasp.         case size: 39 (mm), the reference of the market retail price: 203800 yuan.         3,, Cartire (CARTTIER) CARTIERTankCrash deformation series platinum diamond studded watch type         No.: WR000651 features: quartz movement, 18K platinum watchcase, sapphire crystal glass table mirror. Bezel set with diamonds, the crown is inlaid diamond. White dial, blue steel hands, Rome digital scale. Sapphire crystal glass table back, waterproof 30 meters. Black silk belt with 18K platinum clasp.         case size: the need to watch shop to try on, the market reference retail price: 298000 yuan. Examination of the retail price of No.

The classic symbol of the time in the world (Photos)

        classic "symbol of the time in the world" (Photos) name, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches,, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches

on the staff, the black "tadpole" weave the chapters of life for human beings.

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notes, is the symbol of music! sevenfriday watch replica

on paper, pen writing people human emotions, to record a long history. sevenfriday watch replica

text, is the national cultural symbol! sevenfriday watch replica

and never stop running time? sevenfriday watch replica

it’s the minutes and seconds to record the time, with metal carve time,

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they are time symbol, time and time again humans to create brilliant. sevenfriday watch replica

how much you know about time? sevenfriday watch replica

in fact time not just those always follow the traditional orbit, minutes and seconds. sevenfriday watch replica

if you pay attention, time of the world equally exciting, here is full of all kinds of strange, weird, full of fragrance of the classic symbols of art. sevenfriday watch replica

"GMT" easy control of two time

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GMT, it often appears in the watch for the sign, like playing with the "time" is no stranger to the people, to see it naturally know watches is to time zone function as the main. GMT is the actual Greenwich Mean Time acronym, translated as the Greenwich standard time,, this is the January 1, 1885 the formal implementation of the time zone of the world standard, and we see today in the watch "GMT" represents two of the function. sevenfriday watch replica

look at pointer GMT, it is the time zone function of the family patriarch level table section, from birth has gone through a hundred years of history,, but in such a watch, can not say very representative of Rolex (ROLEX), classic styling and accurate travel time of people,, still two when watches stroke >

CHANEL legendary Chanel

        CHANEL legendary Chanel watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch     CHANEL is known as "the mother of the French fashion", she in the heart of the people, elegance is not only a brand, is a new female confident, independent, modern logo. In August 13,, 1883, Chanel was born in France to a needy family. When 12 years old mother died, his father disappeared, she and her sister were sent to an orphanage. CHANEL tailor learning in orphanages, the tailor’s shop to work at the age of 17, where she opened her own life. At the time of the French social conservative, Chanel to simplify, launched the female students, young and rich flavor of youth with rebel outfits,, which caused the agitation. Leo her talent and beauty in a body, small strong and confident, full of enthusiasm and vitality. 1910 in Paris on the streets of CAMBON, Chanel opened a shop specializing in hats. Her hat was a famous actress of France has been the favorite, so her fame, and she herself is simple and lively style also favored by the people. In the eyes of the public, Chanel is a focus on the work, strong minded woman. She started from scratch,, by virtue of her extraordinary creativity and unyielding spirit to become the leading designers. Chanel has completely changed the concept of women’s dress, she advocated a "simple" concept, to subvert the prevailing fashion. Nowadays, CHANEL has become a noble fashion index, because the brand younger, and once again lead the world fashion trend. Whether handbags, jewelry or earrings logo is a symbol of gorgeous and noble,, it makes every woman want to have it. Wear and wear of CHANEL women, rather than chase fashion, rather said is in search of eternal grace. CHANEL died on 1971, aged 88. Her life is a typical Leo, full of colorful clothes, high society, admire lover constantly, but in the end still lonely self. Today, CHANEL products include: clothing, accessories and bags, shoes; cosmetics and perfumes; couture and high-level jewelry and watches.