The God 7 aerospace Fiyta Skywalker global limit 699

        God 7 aerospace Fiyta Skywalker global limit 699 watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch   late on September 25th, carrying the China astronauts first "space walk" the dream of the Shenzhou seven manned spacecraft launch. Through the "Shenzhou seven" ask the machine,, the god seven space table — Fiyta Spacemaster Skywalker decryption limited edition issue of global synchronization. "Skywalker" debut,, immediately aroused the public and people pursuit of. According to Fiyta is responsible for the relevant sources, this limited edition global only sold 699 pieces, in addition, there are 50 blocks and the god seven astronauts wear watches as like as two peas. It is understood,, deciphering the issue of limited edition, have adopted the mechanical movement Fiyta independent research and development, at the same time, with the astronauts space missions and specially designed 45min lap, AM/PM instructions, long-lasting luminous display etc.. Fiyta Spacemaster Skywalker exquisite appearance, the rotatable stainless steel watchcase, sapphire table mirror, black anti glare matte case, fluorescent indicator and titanium alloys have "space walk" logo embossed bottom cover. The bottom cover scene is Chinese astronauts "space walk" moments. In order to increase the astronauts use comfort, the crown is also increased the rubber. Spacemaster Skywalker just on the side of the city by many space game, watch for people of all ages. See in Fiyta stores the reporter, "Skywalker" counter surrounded and rushed to the public, and many people expressed their intention to buy watches and clocks. The reporter learns, before "the god seven" the launch, Fiyta launched a "pre order for members" activities, only the Hongkong area was booked 20 pieces of "skywalker". Fiyta introduce the persons concerned, the pre ordered Fiyta Spacemaster Skywalker table is part of the Fiyta group to the global public offering. The god seven space table will be issued in the whole world, to commemorate the latest achievement China aerospace industry. Has been pre ordered to Fiyta Skywalker collection lovers think Mr. Lee, as the achievement China witness and participant of the aerospace industry, Fiyta Spacemaster Skywalker is the industry watches China pinnacle. This watch is full of fashionable breath, which was originally cold mechanical continuously shed fascinating light. At the same time, it has the inestimable value to the collection. Fiyta Spacemaster Skywalker is intended to walk in space, "heaven revolves, the gentleman to unremitting self-improvement" conception for creative inspiration, Fiyta Aerospace sheet project chief designer Sun Lei told reporters, Fiyta Spacemaster Skywalker atmosphere delicate appearance design, full of tough image. The expedition with God seven astronauts to space form, in precision, etc. antimagnetic performance have reached international advanced level, can withstand strong motion, and high-energy radiation,, temperature difference space threat.

OMEGA 007 greatly broken quantum crisis Limited Edition

        OMEGA "007 greatly broken quantum crisis" limited edition watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watches hippocampal series marine universe " 007 greatly broken quantum crisis " Limited Edition & nbsp;                                           hippocampus structure surface — reminiscent of the gun handle design — OMEGA Seamaster planet ocean "007 greatly broken quantum crisis" watches in other bond limited edition series in the more extraordinary iron King Kong series Walther PPK pistol. The second hand on a red tip in the rotation, just form a strong contrast with the black dial.                                             "007 greatly broken quantum crisis" watch is diving enthusiasts dream collection; waterproof to a depth of up to 600 meters a row of ammonia, and the valve and single rotating bezel design.                                             accurate OMEGA and with no chink in one’s armour bond joint primary; all steel chain buckle engraved with the 007 logo. 007 other indications of reality in the case bottom cover, at the same time, especially with "Planet Ocean Limited Edition" (Marine universe; Limited Edition)",, the black chromium plating and black dial with each other.                                             all watches are all steel bracelet, mercerization is comfortable to wear, and the polished side edge. Folding safety table expansion including use of releasing mechanism convenient,, safe and firm.   &nbs;

149 years of TAG Heuer luxury watch award slam

        149 years of TAG Heuer luxury watch award slam watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,, sapphire watches as the world’s fourth largest luxury watch brand tag heuer, the accurate, high quality products, Ji Xinzuo DNA, to ensure the best movement, the best components, 100% Swiss made, is extremely reliable timing tool. Since 149 years, the tag heuer won innumerable awards, winning the grand slam. Enter since twenty-first Century, TAG Heuer in the past 7 years won 6 clocks in the most authoritative Geneva watches awards. In avant-garde luxury watch and chronograph field has a leading position in the world TAG Heuer, published "Hao Shi made the" Declaration on Chinese, bold vision will expand its avant garde. Since its start in 1860, TAG Heuer is the leading Swiss precision watchmaking paradigm,, as its slogan says: 1860 Swiss watch pioneer. Hao Shi creates the current situation. China archaism cloud: "hero", the times produced a number of heroes. The tag heuer TAG Heuer believe,, wearing the elite is the real hero created the. They are through their own efforts, to go beyond the self, reached the peak, in order to have a perfect quality of life. Their passion, wisdom, power, and where tolerance, are all changing to view more value from their own field.

Rolex race with time

        Rolex: a race against time watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch antique table is being more and more collectors favorite, for its collection, is not only a nostalgia complex collection, or a history of art collection. Among the many brands, Rolex with its unique solemn,, practical, no significant exquisite design flashy,, deeper collectors favor.           in 1905, the German Hans · ring at the Astoria with the British Davies in London cooperation for the "B& W", "Rolex", this is the predecessor of the company. In 1908, ring at the Astoria in Switzerland La Schade Finn registered "Rolex" trademark, "B& W" which was changed to "Rolex".           they may never thought this name has now become one of the world’s top ten list. In 1914 1915, Rolex has issued by the Observatory’s accurate grade a certificate. And after 15 years, Rolex to accurate, strict testing has been in a leading position.           1955 Rolex watches invention of the pilot, so that people in different time zones accurate time measurement. The same year, Rolex developed for deep-sea divers diving tables available, which reached 100 meters water depth.           Rolex professional watches at present mainly in the following categories: Explorer II (EXPLORER II), 24 hours with red auxiliary needle, in order to facilitate the adventurers distinguish night and day; submariner (SUBMARINER), waterproof to a depth of more than 300 meters; yacht master type (YACHTMASTER), a rotate the outer ring,, convenient calculation time; Greenwich type II (GMTMASTER II), the rotating outer ring and 24 hour pointer, not only display the time in two time zones, it can be moved to another time zone clock independently,, without moving the minute hand and second hand; cosmic plan (COSMOGRAPH), is a multifunctional watch, can satisfy the engineering, sports and business needs. Each has its own unique charm. Now, wearing the watch, a lot of the time is not only for the time, more of the time is a kind of fashion, symbol is a kind of identity.           in the last century, the era of mechanical watches, Rolex has been a leader in the global watch industry. Today, outstanding craftsmanship and technology still makes Rolex watches maintained the status of industry leaders.  

Golden laws and precious rules investment clock

        investment golden laws and precious rules watch brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, which should have sapphire watches collection or investment conditions? Brand is the preferred brand, almost everything, universal, in Asia is more obvious, in addition to the 2P1R,, as well as IWC big pilot, Audemars Pigeut (Audemars Piguet) Offshore and Lange sesame chain table, at least have the value potential. Second is the function, which is an important factor in value-added watches have, there is a direct relationship between function and practicability, the two time world time, most ordinary consumers, energy display, moon phase, Chronograph are good watch. The strength of the game player is favored calendar,, tourbillon, three question time table and other complex functions, functional and more process value and hedging benefits, undertake fast exit, but the brand and watches to choose. Third for the appearance, shape and impression special a glance to the people is very important, which uses Cartire Crash and Vacheron Constantin (Vacheron Constantin) of the 1972 most representative, is the classic of classics, this two watches rarely occur in the secondary market,, after being exposed executed immediately, infinite charm, so if you buy you earn. Fourth homemade or special movement, general table fans care very much whether brand self movement? Many game player technical data on movement backwards fluently, than watch shop personnel and the brand is more clear, if non – at least to special movement, otherwise adversely sure sales. At present, the barrel shaped, rectangular thin, micro automatic disc and polishing fine movement the most attention. X-ray back watch can glimpse the core operation, which is the mainstream method at present, cannot see through the movement is not love. The fifth is the limited and rare, low production and high brand usually have people chasing. The Patek Philippe 5350 is supposed to watch the history new record pricing and transaction price of most of the watch, about $30000 pricing the highest ever shout to $80000. It’s selling point is the value and the silicon material the first brand of escapement wheel and spring can be diamagnetic seismic, topic of great charm, and limited to 300 only, get Patek Philippe game player or investors, expect it and appreciation of space, make its price soaring. Patek Philippe limited edition watch each increment, game player and investment crazy chase, created an economic miracle. Vacheron Constantin Gen Factory 240 Anniversary Limited 1040, price of about $ten thousand, the long run is the value-added potential, 250 Anniversary Limited Edition is also popular, are now collectors target. Some small limited 30 branch also did not care,, this is the strength of brand difference. Now your hand if you have 5070 or 5970 Patek Philippe, as long as the price is not exaggerated, some collectors chasing you, this is one of the most popular models, the former first arrived in 1998 when it sold for $twenty thousand, now the value of sixty thousand; 5970 five years ago sold about $80000, the rich

Emme Wong watches Ayumi Hamasaki introduced sweeping 5 booty

        Emme Wong (Emme) the exclusive agent of the GALTISCOPIO crystal Trojan watch,, by the heat in the circle of hands, even the Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki is a Emme Wong fan, Hamazaki Ayuchi has arrived at the port the goods is crazy, but that is to buy a big show,, impatient to tide. 大赞卡

  Emme Wong (Emme) the exclusive agent of the GALTISCOPIO crystal Trojan watch, by the heat in the circle of hands, even the Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki is a Emme Wong fan, Hamazaki Ayuchi has arrived at the port the goods is crazy, but that is to buy a big show, impatient to tide "". Replica watches for sale

praised "mojo"

but Emme Wong was never guessed the tidal wind also attracted to Japan after the attention of Ayumi Hamasaki Ayumi Hamasaki,, recently arrived to the Tsim Sha Tsui shops, breath and five different color crystal Trojan watch, Ayumi Hamasaki anxious wait to wear a white pink crystal watch parades,, showing her trendsetter taste. Replica watches for sale

appeared in Fuzhou filming Emme Wong, reading the newspaper that Ayumi Hamasaki be her customers, great excitement and call to the employees understand, she on the phone said: "the sales staff said in praise of Ayumi Hamasaki watches good ‘mojo’ (cute), I heard the happy of course, not the original, do the door business, now have so good grades, I will continue to work hard to."

four Fuzhou Wei find delicious Replica watches for sale

Emme Wong revealed busy filming a new situation comedy "gorgeous white-collar workers", which she played the fashion magazine "editor in chief of the devil", although she is not the first time filming, but as OL for the first time, so feel very fresh. And she loves Food, Wen Fuzhou Food, she shot the first week has been going about any seafood and spicy crayfish best taste.

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Two male meet legend reflect Che Wang Schumacher as the OMEGA Ambassador

        two male meet legend reflect Che Wang Schumacher appointed ambassador watch brand OMEGA, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch in 2004 June,, to congratulate Michael in 2003. Schumacher (Michael Schumacher) and brilliant achievements Ferrari formula one team record, OMEGA in particular the introduction of another super limited edition watch — "The Legend". The table in order to OMEGA and Ferrari common red elements, with the dial design unique,, highlight the OMEGA ambassador Schumacher in the car on the field of super position! Schumacher deserves to be called the OMEGA Speedmaster celebrity ambassadors, he carry the world before one in the racing performance, as super blaster series, certainly, unparalleled. In 2003, Schumacher four consecutive years topped the world champion, won the world champion a total of six times, and broke the Argentina driver Fangio (Fangio) the record. Since 1995, Schumacher became a celebrity OMEGA ambassador, every champion, OMEGA will be a new watch for him, to celebrate the great victory! While the source of creation of new table is from OMEGA’s most legendary super moon table series, be not of the common sort, far-reaching significance. The new Speedmaster "The Legend" limited edition for steel making, case diameter 38.8mm, frosted bezel engraved tachymeter scale Speedmaster typical, silver matte black dial with three timer, and 6 when the position of black white date window interaction. The rhodium plated bezel rectangular hour markers and the OMEGA logo craft sophisticated, elegant design. Red Speedmaster words with accurate to four minute black red minute scale relative, "crutch" luminous pointer reminiscent of design of super moon table. The type Legend device OMEGA 3301 automatic chain wheel chronograph movement, the pointer is clockwise and the minute hand,, 9 position for the second hand, the large central seconds for timing the second, 3 position and 6 position respectively is 30 minutes and 12 hours time scale. Longitudinal round chronograph movement can improve the accuracy of timing functions,, but the structure is very complex, at present only a meter factory has a production wheel chronograph technology. Table 3301 the automatic chain wheel chronograph movement with 55 hours power storage function, and has the COSC chronometer certified. The Legend limited production of 6000 only, with stainless steel strap and push switch stack strap buckle. Each watch bottom edge are inscribed on independent number (from 0001/6000 to 6000/6000) and "Sixth Title Limited Edition" (the six time World Champion Edition) ". The bottom of the table on the central moment red "Michael Schumacher / The Legend"; screwing in the bottom of the table and the crown, to ensure that water depth of 10.

Swiss watch Amy watch brand become Time for Peace official sponsor

        Swiss watch Amy watches became Time for Peace movies and Music Awards official watch partner, the award ceremony will be held in New York recently. At a sponsor to UNESCO’s, Time for Peace prize is held once a year, which has extremely high artistic generation Award

          Swiss watch Amy watches became Time for Peace movies and Music Awards official watch partner, the award ceremony will be held in New York recently. At a sponsor to UNESCO’s, Time for Peace prize is held once a year, with high artistic value,, and for important humane cost, outstanding film and music such as tolerance, understand, respect, solidarity between the person and person’s difference etc.. Now both sides have signed a cooperation agreement for three years.   Replica watches for sale

            Time for Peace award was created in 1994, kept by Dr Lu,, Time for Peace member and a United Nations envoy to the careful assessment of the jury award winner. In recent years the winners include: film director Stephen Shi Pibai ("Schindler" with the film list), Edwards Vic (with the movie "blood diamond"),, music producer Steve Wonder and actress Hilary Swan.               on the one hand, Time for Peace award of the highest goal is to encourage the film industry with the human cost of the film; on the other hand, the public also in order to promote the further play and in the usual life practice these costs are not good-looking. For this cooperation, long Martin Beckman (Martin Bachmann) opinion is: in the contemporary world,, important is not empty talk accurate cost not elegant, but physically. The luxury goods industry, a pressing matter of the moment is to consciously promote humane cost important parts, such as benevolence, broad-minded and tolerant. In the movie and music form that these costs are not good-looking is a practical way, the Swiss watch Amy watch company support.

The count’s top jewelry gold watch noble appearance

        to perfect display count gold watch and jewelry and watch beautiful works, press conference on the same day invited sweet appearance temperament and supermodel Xu Ning interpretation of the unique jewelry and watch design. Xu Ning Earl create romantic Royal Garden scene,

              to perfect display count gold watch and jewelry and watch beautiful works, press conference on the same day invited exterior sweet temperament and supermodel Xu Ning deductive count unique jewelry and watch design. Xu Ning Earl create romantic royal garden scene, with graceful shape,, wear the count with Haute Couture bow for the jewelry design inspiration, wrist border more wearing studded with nearly five hundred diamonds, as if the mermaid elegant body jewelry watches, like wandering in the royal garden the princess dream. Xu Ning white transparent tender skin with shining jewels, refined extraordinary temperament show count creation incomparable top style. Replica watches for sale

              no one can imagine the secrets of gold flow like water in the jewelry creativity, creative top gold jewelry brand in the world natural and exquisite count drip of life inspiration. The ferris wheel shape on behalf of Paris circulation romantic life; senior Book bow shape sexy unique uniforms; even the jazz music can also be black glue disc shape by Earl jewelry creation appear in women’s ears and collar unique taste. Replica watches for sale

              in the jewelry creation,, Piaget every year a self movement, create exquisite mechanical watch is always count a hundred years brand strength,, with rectangular Tourbillon the world’s thinnest 600 movement watches and count exclusive home-made top Chronograph Automatic timing table 880 movement,, to drill encrusted watchcase, count only perfectly combined the jewelry inlaid method and creative, highlight the building complex functional movement extraordinary tabulation skill, will design a mechanical watch to another magnificent realm. Replica watches for sale

Tag Heuer classic cast domineering man

        Tag Heuer classic cast domineering man watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch classic chronograph Monaco Grand Prix renowned sports industry has been long, unique track gives the driver be in ecstasies over ride. TAG Heuer gain inspiration from,, in 1969 launched the Monaco series, the one and only have to square the waterproof watchcase shocked altar table, and watch for the history to write a new page. Chronomatic core Monaco watch is equipped with world’s first device of miniature pendulum, revolutionize the production technology of automatic winding movement. Steve McQueen (· Steve McQueen) in the 1970 Film Classic Racing film "Le Mans", select is Monaco watch. Today, this watch is still so incomparably superior, show the tag heuer to subvert the traditional, avant-garde and innovative spirit. The legendary Chronograph "Pan American highway car race" was founded in 1950 years, as the formula one world championship. Five Championship Racing Juan Manuel Fangio, the famous Argentina in 1953 won the championship trophy, wrote a memorable exploits. TAG Heuer to commemorate this period of history,, especially in the 1964 launch of the Carrera chronograph, combine the spirit of sports excellence and noble aesthetic, get unlimited appreciation altar table immediately. Now Carrera chronograph with a completely new look out,, a new spokesman Brad Pitt also reproduce the "perfect gentleman" era. Combined with the Link series since 1999 spirit and elegant temperament, he has been the one and only aesthetic, a perfect blend of sports excellence in the spirit of dignity and elegance. Compared with fluent lines and strong,, bring out the beauty and power of the stainless steel material. Strap representative of exquisite, not only accord with human body engineering, wear comfortable and flexible, and the significance of the streamlined design of the future. TAG Heuer to the 2003 launch of the new Link series, not only is more modern, more concise and elegant. Exercise the full spirit of the combination of rare elegance, most incisive show this watch consummate style. New TAG Heuer Formula 1 watch two won the F1 world champion of the McLaren driver Fernando · Alonso participated in the design of this new chronograph, the dissemination of sports and leisure image. The new tag heuer Formula 1 series by pure lines and unprecedented detail design for a reinterpretation of the sport watches, but also become a durable sports watch model.